Disparity was created in 2017 for the Houston International Quilt Competition. Not only was it accepted (into the Surface Design category), but it also won first place! After the quilt hung in the show, it was sold right off the show floor! You can read the full story on this quilt here.

Baby Bargello

This cute little baby quilt was created using the VandCo ombre fabric line. It is a simple Bargello piecing technique, and then free-motion quilted with a wave design. It is the size of a small baby quilt, or really, more of a baby play mat.

Desert Rose

This quilt was super fun to make, and gave me some good piecing practice. It is the size of a large baby quilt, or a small throw quilt. I chose to do Graffiti Quilting with a Burnt Sienna thread. This quilt is currently for sale here.



Russian Mosque

This quilt is one of my very favorite quilts. I made it fairly early on at the time that I was developing the Graffiti Quilting technique. I named it “Russian Mosque” because the column of designs going up the center of the quilt reminded me of those historical, onion-topped building that Russia is famous for. I used Omni Thread (by Superior Threads) which is a 40 weight thread. Omni is one of my favorite types of threads and it worked out perfectly for this mini quilt. I also used omni in the bobbin (matching the bobbin color with the top for each thread change). This quilt is only about 15″ x 22″ or so but packs quite a punch as far as thread count is concerned. I take this quilt with me to every single trunk show and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to bring myself to sell it. But, I did end up making custom printed fabric panels out of it, and those can be purchased here.




This quilt is awesome because it incorporates my two favorite quilting techniques. The first is, OF COURSE, Graffiti Quilting. The second is couching. If you are unfamiliar with what couching means, check out my youtube tutorial.  I used this amazing metallic yarn, and I am in love with this stuff! The fabric is just plain black, and I bound it in black. The quilt is about 14″ x 14″ in size. It now lives at Handi Quilter in the Education Department.

Indian Summer

This quilt is made with hand-dyed fabric that I made when I took a class in college called text on textiles. The dimensions are approximately 36″ x 48″. It is adorned with Ricky Tim’s Razzle Dazzle Brand Metallic thread (by Superior Threads) as well as over 300 Swarovski Crystals. I was lucky enough to get it juried into the AQS Pheonix Arizona Quilt show in February of 2014 and It now lives with my good friend Michelle, in Massachusetts.

Mini Graffiti Quilt

This is another Graffiti Quilt that I will most likely never be able to part with. It was another pioneer quilt of the Graffiti Quilting development process. It is also extra special to me because it became the cover of my self-published book, Graffiti Quilting: A Simple Guide to Complex Designs. Since I will never sell it, it is another quilt design that I now offer in my online shop as a digitally printed fabric panel.



This quilt is one of the very first quilts that I ever made. One of my best friends in the world was having a baby and I was determined to finish this quilt before the baby was born…. hahahahahaha! That didn’t happen. But, it did get finished and that is the important part. It is about 40″ x 40″ and is now a wallhanging in the home of my dear friend. I didn’t have a pattern for it, I just made it up as I went along. Then, I quilted a spiral right smack dab in the middle of it going outward. By the time I was done, I kind of reminded me of the different layers of rock in the earth, and the quilting looked like an earthquake. That is why I named it epicenter.


Life Is Beautiful

This quilt was so fun to make! It is just plain white fabric pieced together, but it was a mammoth! It is about 100″ x 90″. Looking back, I wish I would have used a nicer batting, because while this quilt is huge, it isn’t very warm. But that’s alright, it has turned into the go-to quilt when the nieces and nephews make a fort underneath the ping-pong table. It is so fun to just lay it out and look at all the different designs!


Majestic Lion

This quilt was made with a piece of hand-dyed fabric that I made in a fabric dying class at school. It was one of my very favorite pieces and took me quite a while to build up the nerve to use it. This quilt is about 25″ x 30″. It is all free-motion quilting but was such a crown pleaser that I now offer it in my online shop as a digital design as well as a fabric panel. This quilt now resides with my dear friend Nanc in her quilt studio in Dallas, Tx.

Shimmering Symphony

This is another quilt I may never be able to part with. I design and quilted this in 2012 specifically for the “Create Your Style With Swarovski Elements” design contest. AND IT WON FIRST PLACE! Not only did I win $3,500 in cash, but I also won a brand new sewing machine as well as $3000 worth of Swarovski Crystals! It was such a fun competition and even landed me a spread in my local newspaper! You can read the full story in this blog post.

The Process: The fabric is a single piece of cream Kona Cotton. All designs are created using black, red, burgundy, and silver thread. (Omni Thread by Superior Threads, and Metallic Thread by Superior Threads.) All crystals are Swarovski brand (applied by Hot-Fix; where each crystal has glue on the back and is essentially put in place and then ironed on with a small crystal iron). The beads that adorn the bottom edge of the quilt are also Swarovski. I used a Handi Quilter 16″ Sit-down quilting machine and 2 layers of Hobb’s 80/20 cotton/poly blend batting.

You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar!

This quilt was a collaboration piece between myself and the EXTREMELY TALENTED Patrick Seymour, of Montreal Canada. He created the black lines of the tigers face and then I did the quilting, beads, crystals and binding. It was submitted into the Houston International Quilt Festival 2014 and it actually got into the show! You can see a fun little video I took while I was at the show, where I show off this quilt. Now that it is back from the show, it travels with me for my trunk shows, and later I will list it for sale. It measures at about 50″ x 56″ in size, but you can buy your own printed fabric panel in a couple different sizes here.

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