In my semi-early days of working for Handi Quilter, one of my main jobs was testing the quilting machines before they were shipped out to customers. When I would test the stand-up machines, we had to do the same patterns over and over again (understandably) but the sit down machines didn’t have as many features that would require those monotonous patterns. So, we were allowed to spend the testing time quilting whatever we wanted. Well, I started to build this reputation around the building as being the person who would be able to letter someone’s name, so they could hang them in their cubicles. Well, needless to say, the request started to line up pretty quickly.

Jenny was a co-worker and good friend of mine and I wanted to include Jenny’s name tag in my gallery because it is pretty much definitely the coolest name quilt I have made since the tradition was started. It is about 12″ x 16″ in size and I used Green Omni Thread 40 wt both on the top as well as in the bobbin. See some close-up photos below.