Couching Tutorials

This was such a fun tutorial to film! Contact your local quilting machine dealer to obtain a set of couching feet for your quilting machine. But be warned, this technique is EXTREMELY addicting! You may never want to do regular quilting again! If you’re interested in purchasing some of the metallic yarn, be sure to check out the 16 different colors in the site’s shop under the “Quilting Supplies” tab. Disclaimer: it does require a special set of feet for your quilting machine. Contact your local dealer or long arm manufacturer to find out if there are compatible couching feet for your machine. In the video I am using a Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen and a couching foot set. I do also know that this foot set is compatible with all Handi Quilter machines as well as the Baby Lock long arm machines, and the SVP Sit-Down quilting machine. If you REALLY want to have a good time with couching, pick up some Metallic Yarn from my shop. You will not regret it!

Bobbin Work Tutorial

Bobbin Work is super fun and can be done on virtually any sewing or quilting machine that uses a bobbin. This video was filmed using a long arm quilting machine, but can be done just a s easily on a domestic sewing machine. Enjoy!

Speed Quilting

“Speed Quilting” is just a really fun way to capture some of my free motion quilting. Just as writers use free-form timed writing to help the words flow, and dancers use experimental positions to creative new moves, I do the same thing with my quilting. The idea for these videos started out as simply a way for me to practice my free-motion quilting without getting hung up on the end result. So, when I sit down with a new piece of fabric, I don’t plan anything out. I just let my arms go wherever they want, and build one design upon another.  After I have filmed about 20 minutes worth of quilting, I condense it down into a video that is only a few minutes long. It really is just a fun way to let go of my inhibitions and allow my creative side to just take over and see where I go with it. The first time you try this, don’t get hung up on the end result. Just force yourself to keep quilting. Stop your machine and arms as little as possible, and don’t be afraid to try new movements that you wouldn’t normally do.These particular videos are done on a sit-down quilting machine, but you can really do this on any long arm quilting machine or domestic sewing machine that allows you to drop the feed dogs.