This quilt was such a rush! Literally and figuratively. I made the entire thing in less than 12 hours! One of my lettering idols, Lauren Hom, was putting on a sweepstakes for a lettering retreat that happens right here in Utah called Letterwest! Not only was this within driving distance of me, but the keynote teacher was Jessica Hische my all-time lettering inspiration- the one who got me into hand lettering all those years ago! So, for this sweepstakes, you had to create a lettering piece using the phrase “Forever Bettering my Lettering” and I totally thought to myself, “Oh my gosh! I have to do a quilt! I am sure no one else is going to do theirs in quilt form, and this will blow her away for sure!” Plus, with my busy schedule, I looked at my calendar and I had literally nothing for the entire 4 days that the conference was to take place. It felt like fate.

So, I started by drawing my pattern on my iPad, and then resizing it to fit onto a fat quarter and then taping the design together. Then I used my window as a light box to trace the design onto fabric.

Then I chose my thread colors:

Next, I stitched down all of my marking lines with the colors that chose for each section.

Then came the fun part: adding the fillers!

This video turned out super cool because the frame rate of my footage seemed to sync up with my needle speed and so the needle looks like it’s going a lot slower than it really is. haha…
I have to admit, the crosshatching turned out pretty cool looking, but it was NOT fun to stitch.

Then it was time to add all the cool designs around the edges with the purple thread. I tried to make things somewhat balanced on each side, so if I did a motif on one side, I did similar ones on the other side.

And there you have it! I started the quilt at Noon and finished it at midnight.

Finished size is about 18″ x 18″
Here it is in all its finished glory. I bound it with a super bright pansy purple color, and Sulky Holoshimmer metallic thread.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the sweepstakes. Maybe I got to cocky in my head or something. Hopefully I will be able to treat myself in the future to going to a retreat like Letterwest. But until then I will just keep on keeping on!