Quilted Postcards

I love making these postcards SO MUCH!!!

Sending letters and notes to people is something that I have loved to do for such a long time. One thing that always kind of bothered me, though, is that sometimes when people get a nice card in the mail, they’ll hang it on their fridge for a little bit and then it’ll end up in a junk drawer, file folder, or sadly even in the garbage. So my goal with these cute post cards was to help people be able to make something that was more meaningful, and felt more like a gift, or a piece of art, that they would want to display in their home, all while still being used as a card in the beginning that could have a hand written note on the back of it.

I love digitizing these designs so that other quilters and machine embroiderers could also use the files to make their own postcards to give away. As of writing this post, I have 20 different designs available to download. (10 of them are 4×4 inches and the other 10 are 4×6 inches which, turns out, is easier to find an envelope for.) Click here to see ALL the designs I have available to download. Every design comes with all the quilting filetypes as well as all the machine embroidery filetypes you could possibly need.

I also wrote a really fun tutorial on how to actually assemble the greeting cards once they have been stitched out on your machine. Click here to see the step-by-step tutorial on making your own quilted greeting cards.

No go spread that love like glitter, y’all!!!