This quilt is so dang special to me! When I got pregnant with Nate, I was so super excited and decided that I wanted to take a birthing class to give birth naturally. One of the homework assignments for the class was to make a piece of art that could encapsulated what it meant to go through the experience of being pregnant.

In 2017 I started a new series of quilts called “Sentimental Snuggles” where I would take meaningful words and phrases, and create a hand-lettered design. Then, I would have the design printed onto fabric, and then quilt it. These quilts are a modern take on the classic “T-shirt” quilt where, one could preserve memories of a loved one. However, a hand-lettered design offers a much more intimate look into personal relationships than simply what the subject of the quilt wore. I also found that t-shirt quilts were time consuming, and it was difficult to make them aesthetically appealing.

Baby Nate’s quilt was the very first quilt in the series. This quilt is extremely sentimental to me because Nate is my first born son, whom we conceived through IVF after about 18 months of trying. He is our miracle baby. I wrote down words, phrases, quotes, and Andrew and I also wrote a small hand-written note to Nate, so that as he grows, he will be able to read these and never forget how much his parents love him.

It started with a hand lettered design that I created on my iPad Pro.
Then I had the design printed onto a single piece of fabric, about 51×60 inches. I chose a satin blue backing to go with it.
I chose to quilt pebbles all over it, using a monofilament thread on the front, and white thread on the back.
After he was born, we laid this perfect cute little bundle of joy in the middle and snapped a photo.
Later on, I appliqu├ęd the “N” in white satin.
But not before we took his newborn photos with it, when he was just 10 days old.