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Houston International Quilt Festival

I am sure that many of you have heard of Houston International Quilt Festival. For those of you who haven’t, just imagine a quilt show with exhibits and vendors and classes. Now times that by about 50. That is Houston. The Mother Ship. The Major League. The Big Kahuna. Okay. You get the idea. I was able to go to it this year, and I had a wonderful time! (This show has been going on for 40 years now. Kinda cool.) Here is some of the fun pictures I took while I was there: I bought some BEAUTIFUL fabric from […]

Holy Ship!

The last 7 days has been absolutely insane! (I am now realizing that I probably start a lot of blog posts that way, hahaha!) Last week I received my first production order of my very first (hopefully of many) published book. Graffiti Quilting: A Simple Guide to Complex Designs For those of you who don’t know, here is a little back story on this book. I started it about mid-May of 2014. Through the passed couple years, I have really been polishing my very own style, my signature, if you will, in quilting. While some of the influences come from […]

Graffiti Quilting Book Release!!!

Ladies and Gentleman, The last month has been completely insane. As most of you know, I have been writing a book that completely encompasses my Graffiti Quilting style and techniques. Well, I am pleased to announce that my book is finally finished!!! I have put soooooo many hours, tons of useful insight on my techniques, and a boat-load of designs into this book. It is finally finished and this feeling of relief and excitement is indescribable! Now, even though this book is specific to free-motion quilters, both longarm and domestic alike, I have also added a ton of new products […]

3rd Place!

As some of you know, a few months ago I entered a quilting competition called “Young Textile Artist Challenge”, which was designated for any quilt artist anywhere in the world that is under the age of 30. I was lucky enough to have a quilt accepted into the competition! This was the quilt… And it took 3rd place in the competition!! Woohoo! Not too shabby. This was such a fun quilt to make. My only regret is that I didn’t make it big enough for my bed. Luckily, I designed this quilt in illustrator and I can print it as […]

For You to View.

I guess that filming the episode with QNNtv just gave me the bug to want to make more videos! For a little while now I have been exploring the world of couching. For those of you who might not know, couching is a technique where you basically stitch over yarn and tack it down onto your quilt. At first I didn’t see the appeal. Mostly because the yarn that I thought of was not only itchy but kind of ghastly as well. This is what came to mind… Not very cute. But, as I started to do more research and […]

Me on TV!

Last Thursday I had the most amazing opportunity. There is an online TV show called “Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show” which is part of the network. …and I was lucky enough to be a guest on the show! Since I have started doing my graffiti quilting, I have gotten a ton of different questions on how I do it, the type of fabric, thread, and batting I like to use, and my general process on making a graffiti style quilt. So, I used my episode as the perfect opportunity to project my style and technique out into the […]

Healthy Competition.

I wanted to write a quick little update about the 2 quilting competitions that I am involved in. The first one is called “The Young Textile Artist Competition” and this is specifically for quilters under the age of 30. I am 23. One thing that is really awesome that I learned about this competition is that they only accepted 6 quilts. That’s right. 6. The other thing that is pretty cool is that there are 4 prizes. First, Second, Third, and then a viewers choice award. I got the quilt all prepped with a hanging sleeve and a tag. And […]

Graffiti Quilting 101

There are 2 things in this world that I ABSOLUTELY love. Quilting. (duh.) and Graffiti. I will say this, I was never bad-a$$ enough to actually do illegal graffiti but I had plenty of friends in high school who were. Nevertheless I have always just been so fascinated by ephemeral art. e·phem·er·al əˈfem(ə)rəl/ adjective lasting for a very short time. “fashions are ephemeral” synonyms: transitory, transient, fleeting, passing, short-lived, momentary, brief,short Most people get upset getting stopped at a railroad crossing. But I never seemed to mind it much. I would become mesmerized by the passing cars and watch in the hopes of catching a glimpse […]

Life is Beautiful.

Life has just been a little cray cray lately. I have been working on a wholecloth quilt the past couple of weeks, it is not for anything in particular. Just because. I just pieced a few pieces of white fabric together to make a pretty stinking huge quilt. I haven’t measured it (because I didn’t really plan it out to begin with) but I am pretty sure it is close to a king size quilt. I chose to do it so big because I normally make quilts that really are not even big enough to snuggle under. I am so […]

Gettin’ Down to Business

As many of you know, I really really love creating digital quilting designs. (if you need some background on what I mean, check out computerized quilting in a nutshell.) I know this sounds lame, but it really is just so addicting to me. And there is nothing more satisfying than spending hours and hours on a new quilting design and FINALLY getting it loaded onto my quilting machine and stitched out. I love it. I am sure composers feel the same way when they hear their arrangement played by a live orchestra for the first time. Or the way a […]