Gettin’ Down to Business

As many of you know,
I really really love creating
digital quilting designs.
(if you need some background on what I mean,
I know this sounds lame,
but it really is just so addicting to me.
And there is nothing more satisfying than
spending hours
and hours
on a new quilting design
and FINALLY getting it loaded onto my
quilting machine and stitched out.
I love it.
I am sure composers feel the same way
when they hear their arrangement played by a live orchestra for the first time.
Or the way a computer programmer feels
when their software functions correctly
after they have written a million lines of code.
Or the way gardener feels eating that perfect BLT
using the tomatoes and lettuce from their own back yard.
You get the idea.
One of my major professional aspirations
is to be my own boss.
I want to have the freedom to do the things I love
and really reap the fruits of my own labor.
I want to create beautiful things.
I want other people to be able to use my work to create beautiful things.
I want to be part of something bigger than
just my own little basement studio.
I want to touch people’s lives.
I want to encourage all people to follow their dreams.
I want to show people that if you follow your dreams,
and do what feels right in your own heart,
regardless of what others say,
then fortune will naturally follow.
And I am well on my way.
Day by day.
Design by design.
Quilt by quilt.
I have been giving my website major steroids lately.
I have added about 60 new digital quilting designs.
And I add about 30 new ones every day.
Here are some of the designs that are now available
in my online shop.
And as a thank you to all of you,
if there is anything in my online shop that you would like to purchase,
be sure to use the coupon code
for 15% off your entire purchase.
Because, I do love you. 🙂
Be great to each other.

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