Life is Beautiful.

Life has just been a little cray cray lately.
I have been working on a wholecloth quilt
the past couple of weeks,
it is not for anything in particular.
Just because.
I just pieced a few pieces of white fabric together
to make a pretty stinking huge quilt. I haven’t measured it
(because I didn’t really plan it out to begin with)
but I am pretty sure it is close to a king size quilt.
I chose to do it so big because I normally make quilts
that really are not even big enough to snuggle under.
I am so used to micro-quilting
and so I wanted to do a micro-quilting styled quilt,
but not so…
I feel like this quilt really stretched me
in ways that were sometimes uncomfortable.
There were some failures
as well as some victories.
Because this quilt didn’t have to be perfect
or even really all that good,
I had a lot of time left alone with my thoughts.
And call me a weirdo or whatever
but I found quite a few parallels to life
within my quilting.
in life,
Things just don’t line up like you want them to.
Sometimes things don’t head in the direction that you wish they did.
Life brings a tension headache or two.
(You see what I did there? With a picture of terrible thread tension?)
But you know what?
When you take a step back,
sometimes things just fit together
the way they were always meant to.
But you have to step back,
you gotta stop focusing on all the little mistakes,
all of the
and appreciate things as they are,
instead of how you wish they were.
It’s important to remember that everyone has their own set of battles to fight.
Some are just more noticeable than others.
Everyone is trying.
Everyone is learning.
And when you can do those things
(I know I need plenty of work on ’em)
It becomes easier to see the beauty
that is all around us.
It is easier to be tolerant,
and appreciate the good we see in others.
Easier to recognize people’s faults
and chooseΒ to look past them.
And simply see that…
And don’t you forget it.
Be great to each other!

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