Holy Ship!

The last 7 days has been absolutely insane!
(I am now realizing that I probably start a lot of blog posts that way, hahaha!)
Last week I received my first production order
of my very first
(hopefully of many)
published book.
For those of you who don’t know,
here is a little back story on this book.
I started it about mid-May of 2014.
Through the passed couple years,
I have really been polishing my very own style,
my signature, if you will,
in quilting.
While some of the influences come from traditional quilting techniques,
this style of quilting was completely different, modern and unique.
I hadn’t really seen anything so free-form
and well, asymmetrical
in the quilting industry.
(Probably because technically,
it breaks like
85 billion
quilting “rules”.
I’m sure that someone’s grandmother
is just turning circles in her grave.
Through this process,
I have really grown in my quilting skills,
as well as my life skills.
This all may sound very abstract, but here is what I have learned.
(Even though for me this was specific to quilting, I truly feel that it can apply to anyone.)
You can’t please everyone all the time.
You have to set goals. Hard deadlines.
You must set priorities, or else you will fail.
You can’t do everything, so pick what’s most important and own it.
Like a boss.
Writing this book
has been an amazing experience
and it feels….
The other thing that has been so awesome
is all the support I have gotten
from friends and family,
near and far,
through this endeavor.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
I am just here blubbering over my keyboard
feeling so blessed for all the support I have gotten.
(It is a good thing I did a written post instead of a video.
Nobody likes ugly crying.)
I want to thank you all
so much.
For those of you that pre-ordered my book
and are still waiting,
Thank you so much for your patience
and rest assured that every package is sealed with love
(Not in a creepy way, but in a grateful way.)
And on their way to you.
I better blow my nose
(and wash my hands cause… ew)
Put on my big girl pants,
and spend the next few hours
printing labels,
signing books,
gathering extra little goodies
to share with you guys,

and get to shippin’.


I love you all.
Don’t forget to smile.
Be great to each other!

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