Houston International Quilt Festival

I am sure that many of you have heard of
Houston International Quilt Festival.
For those of you who haven’t,
just imagine a quilt show
with exhibits and vendors and classes.
Now times that by about 50.
That is Houston.
The Mother Ship.
The Major League.
The Big Kahuna.
You get the idea.
I was able to go to it this year,
and I had a wonderful time!
(This show has been going on for 40 years now. Kinda cool.)
Here is some of the fun pictures I took while I was there:
I bought some BEAUTIFUL fabric
This line is called Kiwi Berry and I am in love with it.
I shoulda bought more.
I’ll have a post coming soon about the quilt top I have made
with this fabric.
I got to do a couple of Demonstrations
in the Handi Quilter booth
Thanks for taking that glamour shot for me, hubby. 🙂
(Obligatory Selfie)
I got to meet some AMAZING people!
This is Cheryl Sleboda, owner of www.muppin.com
Also, she does these awesome videos for fiber artists
called “Technique of the Week“.
Check. Them. Out.
Also, she got a quilt into the show!!!
It was a beautiful quilt!
This is Alex, we stalk each other
on Instagram. She is beautiful inside and out.
Also she is amazing at piecing.
This is Ebony Love, owner of Love Bug Studios.
She is so cute. I stalk her on Facebook.
When I saw her, I peed a little,
and it was so cool cause she recognized me too!
She sold me this awesome Hexnmore ruler.
(blog post to come on that later)
This is Rebecca. We have known each other
through facebook and got to meet in person.
She was so sweet.
Oh, and see that backpack? FILLED with shopping.
This is Kelly Hanson, from National Quilter’s Circle.
She has the most amazing spirit.
(You can expect a blog post very soon about NQC)
There are a ton of other cute ladies that I met!
But I was so scatterbrained I didn’t get pictures
with all of them!
Dang it!
I got to eat some fancy food.
Thanks for the TIM TAMS, Jane! I did Tim Tam slams with Peanut Butter Cup flavored hot cocoa!
One of the nights we went out for Chinese,
I was feeling sick and my sinuses were being a jerk
and I was really missing my hubby.
Then I got this in my fortune cookie.
On the way to dinner,
I saw the most AMAZING graffiti.
I forced Diann to go around the block so I could snap some pictures.
I also had a chance to see my very own quilt,
“You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar!”
It didn’t win anything in the competition,
but even getting a quilt in is pretty big.
Yep, I went behind the divider
’cause I’m allowed! hahaha…
I also made a little youtube video about that quilt
for those who were not able to see it in person.
This was such a fun trip!
I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to go!
Be great to each other!

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