Appreciate time.

Please forgive me.
I know I am a few days late with this post, and it is June now.
But I wanted to at least show you May’s quilt…
I guess the longer I wait the more irrelevant it becomes.
Last time I wrote I talked about appreciating.
People, places, things.
I have to say that one thing I have really come to appreciate is time.
People always say that time is money.
And I guess I agree, but I don’t think
“time is money”
is the most important.
I think what is most important is
“time is precious.”
That last few months,
my hubs and I got to spend everyday together.
We worked for the same company
and we got to eat lunch together
every single day.
I really appreciated that.
I just want to publicly say how much he means to me
and appreciate the time that I get to spend with him.
When I think about all the time that we spend working,
I realize more and more that the only reason we do that is to be able to spend time with our
loved ones.
That is what this life is really all about, right?
Do what we have to do
so that we can do what we want to do.
My family makes me so happy.
We are all different, and as we have all grown older, we become more and more different.
But I also think that we grow so much closer together because of it.
Because we are being forced to see each other, but we WANT to.
I appreciate the time I have had with my family,
and I don’t ever want to take those memories for granted.
My heart is overflowing with the love I feel from my family,
especially my hubs.
They make me happy when skies are gray.
What do you appreciate?
I finished May’s quilt right down to the wire.
(Hence the tardy blog post.)
Let me show you what I did.
I chose a sky blue backing.
Used a layer of puffy batting.
And, as always, made sure that I had 2-3 inches on every side where the backing
and batting were bigger than the top.
Then I basted with safety pins about every 4 inches or so.
I quilted the outline of the raindrop to replace the safety pins. This would keep it basted so I could take the safety pins out.
After that I quilted the diagonal striped that were behind the raindrops.
I wanted to get very very straight lines, so I used my domestic sewing machine
(With a presser foot and feed dogs for straight lines)
I just followed the lines that were there, but I changed my seam allowances to all different thicknesses.
This gave me the random widths between each stripe.
I used some blue thread, some beige thread and then filled in
a little here and there with metallic silver thread.
I know, I know…. I just love shiny things.
I just quilted right over the words. Easy Peasy.
For the clouds, I chose to do pebbles of all different sizes.
They are not all perfectly circular but that’s okay.
Real clouds aren’t that way either.
Lastly, I did some bobbin work around the clouds,
And around about half of the rain drops.
And here is the finished quilt.
I appreciate my life!
Be great to each other.