Me on TV!

Last Thursday I had the most amazing opportunity.
There is an online TV show called
“Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show”
which is part of the network.
…and I was lucky enough to be a guest on the show!
Since I have started doing my graffiti quilting,
I have gotten a ton of different questions
on how I do it,
the type of fabric, thread, and batting I like to use,
and my general process on making a
graffiti style quilt.
So, I used my episode
as the perfect opportunity to project my style
and technique
out into the world.
“Quilt It!” is filmed right here in Salt Lake City
at the Handi Quilter headquarters.
The host,
Jodie Davis
is so so sweet and down to earth.
It was an honor to work with her.
I admitted right in the morning how nervous I was,
and she just helped me to be at ease and assured me that everything
would go perfectly fine.
Here are some fun shots of the
prep and filming:
(This is my favorite picture of me from the whole day.)
(That is my book sitting on the table on the screen to the right. It’ll go on sale the day that my episode airs.)
(Here is Jodie giving some words of wisdom and calming my nerves.)
(This is Layne, the director, going over each segment with us.)
(Putting the sample in place so that it looks good on camera.)
(I know I look a little scared or something in this shot, I was just in deep thought, haha.)
Aaaaand, of course, we had to take a selfie together.
That quilt you see hanging in the background is one that I made
a little while ago for a good friend,
Here is a close up shot of it.
And then this was the quilt that hung behind us
on the opposite wall.
It is called
I just have to say that this was such a wonderful experience for me.
The episode will debut in October,
and that is also when my book will become available for sale.
Thank you all so much for reading,
and stay tuned because there is much more to come
in my Graffiti Quilting endeavor!
Be great to each other.

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