Introducing the Digital Design Loyalty Club!

Hello, computerized quilting enthusiasts!

I have been designing computerized quilting patterns for over 4 years now.
Over that time, I have come up with over 1000 designs!

Since I launched my website in April of 2015
I have been listing those designs on my site little by little.

Now that you have quite a few to pick from,
I wanted to find a way to show appreciation for all the support I have been shown
by those of you who have purchased and used my designs.

without further adieu,
I would like to introduce to you the

Digital Design Loyalty Club!

Basically this means that for those of you who are willing
to show your support on a monthly basis by purchasing patterns,
I am going to show my appreciation to you by giving you
DEEP discounts on those patterns-
more bang for your buck.

The more you commit to each month,
the deeper the discount percentages get.
You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours!
Win. Win.
People helping people.

This is all subscription based,
and your benefits get bigger and bigger over the course of 3 months.

The thing that makes my monthly club different than other monthly clubs is that

No more getting a big folder of designs each month,
where you may not even like or use half of them.

The first option is the Gold Level.
For $25 a month, you will get a gift card
up to $55 a month.
(Month 1: $35 / Month 2: $45 / Month 3+: $55)

The second option is the Platinum Level.
For $50 a month, you will get a gift card
up to $125 a month!
(Month 1: $75 / Month 2: $100 / Month 3+: $125)

If you have any questions, or are unsure about the terms of the subscription,
feel free to leave me a comment below.

Please read ALL OF THE INFORMATION below before signing up.

That way we will all be on the same page. 🙂


I am dedicated to offering new and unique digital designs on a continual basis. This Loyalty Club is for those of you who own computerized quilting machines and want to show your continued support of my designs and I am committed to showing my gratitude by offering my designs at a discounted rate that will keep you stitchin’!

You may have seen other digital design clubs that are structured by charging you a monthly fee, and then sending you a pre-specified package of digital designs- some of which you may never even use. This is not the case with my Digital Design Loyalty Club. Not only do I want you to get digital designs at an extremely affordable price, but I want you to build your digital design library with designs that you are actually going to use! So, when you enroll in my Loyalty Club, instead of receiving a pre-packaged set of designs each month, you will receive a gift certificate (of higher value than your enrollment fee, and getting larger with each month you stay enrolled) that can be used on ANY DIGITAL DESIGN FROM MY ENTIRE LIBRARY! You only get designs YOU like, and you get to hand-pick them yourself.

I know that some of you may be quilting hobbyists while others may be quilting for hire on the side, or even running your quilting machine as a full-time job. I know that we all have different circumstances and budgets. For that reason, I have created a few different price points to allow you to choose the monthly payment amount that will work for you. The options are $15/mo, $25/mo, or $50/mo. When you click on each option, you can see just how big the gift card amounts get after just a 3 month period. They then stay at the largest amount for every subsequent month after the 3rd month.

How to sign up:
1. Decide which subscription level you would like to participate in; Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Platinum Curated. You can see the price and corresponding monthly gift card amounts on when you click on the subscription’s product page.
2. After you have chosen which level you want to participate in, go ahead and go through the checkout process. Doing this will sign you up for that program, and you card will be charged on the first day of the following month. (i.e. If you check out on January 14th, your monthly subscription will start on Feb.1st and you will receive your first gift card code within the first week of February.)

After your you card has been charged for the first time:
1. Once your card is charged for the first time, shortly after that you will receive a unique “coupon code” to the email address that you signed up with.
2. Come to and fill up your shopping cart with any computerized quilting designs you prefer. When you are ready to checkout, enter your code into the coupon code box and it will automatically deduct your gift card amount from the total. If your total exceeds the gift card value, you can simply pay the difference with your credit card. HOWEVER, THE CODE ONLY WORKS ONE TIME PER USER. SO BE SURE TO USE THE FULL AMOUNT WITHIN ONE TRANSACTION OR ELSE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE REMAINING AMOUNT OF YOUR GIFT CARD AMOUNT FOR THAT MONTH.
3. After your card is charged at the beginning of each month, the code that you receive shortly after is only valid for the duration of that month. THERE ARE NO SUBSCRIPTION REFUNDS FOR UNUSED GIFT CARD CODES.

This process repeats for each month you are subscribed, but your gift card code amount will increase with each month you stay enrolled and will cap out after 3 months, thus, “grandfathering” you into the highest gift card amount possible for your subscription level.

1. Gift Card coupon code MUST be used within the month it is issued. You will always receive your code in your email within the first 7 days of the month, giving you plenty of time to use it.
2. There is no switching from one level to another. If you choose to move from one level to another, simply cancel your current subscription, and re-enroll in your new, desired subscription level. This will start you at “month 1” in the new level.
3. If you miss a monthly payment, (which is automatically charged, so don’t worry about doing anything special each month to make sure your card is charged) you will not be able to continue benefitting from the “Month 3 benefit” but will need to start the subscription process over. Just make sure your credit card on file for your subscription is up to date and you will be fine.
4. Your shopping cart cannot contain any products besides digital quilting designs in order to use your gift card code. If you desire to purchase books or other products, you must purchase those in a separate check-out experience.

Curated Collection Members:
This is a wonderful plan for those of you who just want to be surprised every month with designs without having to go and pick them out. If you choose the Curated Collection subscription plan, you will never receive a coupon code. Instead, each month you will receive a pre-packaged folder of designs chosen by Karlee just for you. However, no requests for specific designs can be made. This is a “get what you get and don’t throw a fit” option. 😛

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