Infertility & Gratitude

I know the subject of infertility seems like it has nothing to do with art and design…
But I promise there is a point to this story.
I hope you’ll keep reading…

Andrew and I were married in the Bountiful, Utah Temple in 2009.
Throughout the first few years of our marriage,
Andrew pursued his computer science degree
(while STILL working full time! What a trooper!)
and I worked a full-time day job
as well as worked to build my own design
business on the side.

Long evening hours were spent with Andrew slaving over homework,
and me slaving over my quilting machine and sketch book-
really honing in on my design skills.

Our goal as newlyweds was for Andrew to finish his degree,
and to have our own business on the side
so that when the time came,
I could devote myself to motherhood
while still generating a little extra income for our family.

Fast forward to now,
not everything has gone exactly according to plan
(as we all know in life, things rarely do.)

Andrew has now graduated and my design business is flourishing.

we have not yet been able to start the family that we strongly desire-
despite the many months we’ve spent striving for it.

We are now that the point in our lives
that the only way we could have children is by means of
IVF medical assistance.

This process will cost us upwards of 10 to 30 thousand dollars.

Andrew and I have always recognized the importance of a balanced budget,
and we have always tried to live within our means.
While we have tried to be diligent in spending wisely,
coming up with the money to move forward with fertility treatments
would cause a significant strain on even the most conservative budgets.

I know what you’re probably thinking,
but to be clear,
we are not asking for hand-outs or donations.

Here is the amazing part:
Had we not started this small business a few years back,
we would not even be in a position
to consider these treatments at this time.

Looking back,
I never realized the success of this business
would play such a key role
in our opportunity to have a family.

we just want to remind everyone who reads this:
When you support small businesses like ours,

If you have already supported my business in the past,
remember that your support is extremely appreciated.
I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the opportunity I have to be a business owner,
and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the love and support
I have felt from both friends and strangers,
near and far,
throughout my creative endeavors.

If you DO feel inclined to help us,
we hope you’ll consider supporting our little family business.
One small purchase will go such a long way
and we think there is something fun for everyone,
in every price range.

We have everything from
$1 printable designs,
$15 coloring books,
original hand-drawn art,
computerized quilting designs,
duvet covers,
custom printed tapestries,
custom printed fleece blankets.

I also have some finished quilts and wall-hangings
that I am finally ready to part with.
(If you’re an artist, you know that feeling).

Also, if you use the coupon code
you will get 10% off on ANYTHING you purchase.

Andrew and I just want to express gratitude one more time
to all those who have supported us and our small business,
as well as to our close friends and family who have provided
emotional support, prayers, and words of encouragement
through this time in our life.

You all have helped us bear this burden
and made our load a little lighter.

For that we are always grateful.

Be great to each other.

-Karlee and Andrew

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