The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson

Hey Everybody!

As many of you know, Spring Quilt Market
was in Salt Lake City in May.

Of course,
because it was in my back yard, I had to make a point to go!

I didn’t have a booth or anything,
I more just wanted to make new friends and
wholesale some of my merchandise.

As I was walking through the hallway of the Salt Palace Convention Center,
I passed many people I didn’t recognize.

But then…
I see a woman pass me who I KNEW I recognized.

It was Alex Anderson!
She is the host of the popular quilting channel called
The Quilt Show.

I knew that if I didn’t stop and just introduce myself and
take a moment to let her know how much I admire her work
I would FOR SURE be kicking myself for it later.

So as she passed me by,
I twisted around and yelled, “Hey Alex!”

She turned around and in one breath I just spilled words all over her.
“Hi Alex you don’t know me
but I know you and you are awesome and I love your show
and I am a huge fan of your show and by the way my name is Karlee.”

I’m surprised she didn’t run the other way and alert someone
that there was a young girl having some sort of attack in the middle of the hallway.

I showed her my books

Long story short,
she asked me to

How cool is that!?

So, I thought I would share those videos with you
in case you aren’t familiar with
Alex’s show.

Click here to view part one of the interview.

And click here for part two, the Graffiti Quilting demonstration.

This was so much fun! And I wish I had even more time
to talk about Graffiti Quilting.
I could talk about it all day!

If you want to pick up a copy of the book,
you can use this coupon code to get 10% off
ANY/ALL the books in my shop:


Happy Quilting!

Be great to each other!


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