Healthy Competition.

I wanted to write a quick little update
about the 2 quilting competitions that I am involved in.
The first one is called
“The Young Textile Artist Competition”
and this is specifically for quilters under the age of 30.
I am 23.
One thing that is really awesome
that I learned about this competition
is that they only accepted 6 quilts.
That’s right.
The other thing that is pretty cool is
that there are 4 prizes.
First, Second, Third,
and then a viewers choice award.
I got the quilt all prepped with
a hanging sleeve and a tag.
And it is now at the AQS headquarters
being judged in person.
Here is a picture of the quilt:
And you can see the full story here.
The second quilt that I entered into a competition
is called
“You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar”
and yes,
there is a popular song with those lyrics.
I love that song.
I named it that because this quilt was entered into
The Houston International Quilt Festival.
This is the mother ship,
the godfather,
the boss level,
…of all quilt shows.
So, getting a quilt accepted into this competition is a pretty big deal.
This quilt was a collaboration piece with an amazing artist,
His art is downright
It really was quite an honor that he was willing to work with me
when I reached out to him.
He created the line art of the tiger’s head
and then I had it printed onto fabric and quilted it.
And you can see the full story of this quilt here.
And I found out that this one was also accepted into the show!!!
So what this means is
that even if it doesn’t take first, second, or third place,
it will still hang among the other quilts that were competing in the same category!
Just to have a quilt hanging in Houston
is a big deal to me!
So, now I must prep it
and ship it to the show coordinators
where they will lay it in front of a panel of judges
who will then choose which quilt among them all is worthy of a prize.
I also learned something interesting while this quilt was being juried into the show-
The jurors always reserve the right to move a quilt from one category
to another if they feel it fits better in a category that it was not submitted in.
Well, I had submitted mine into the embellished category
(there is a good amount of crystals and beads on it)
but, because the tiger’s face was printed onto the fabric
the jury team felt that it fit better into the
digital imagery category.
I am okay with this move.
Either way, I don’t really have a choice
and I am just happy to be in the show.
there you have it folks.
I am anxious and excited to see how these quilts do.
A little healthy competition never hurt anybody.
Be great to each other.

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