New year, new goal.

It is officially 2013!
As I ponder and process the goals I plan to make,
there is one that keeps coming to my mind.
Help people.
I know, I know. This is pretty vague.
But, is it really all that easy to sum up what it means to help people in only a few words?
No way Jose….
at least not for me.
But that is what I want to do.
With all the crazy events going on in this world, both good and bad,
sometimes it is so easy to lose track of what is really important.
I know I am guilty of “losing track.”
But, that is the beauty of the birth of a new year.
We all get a chance to rejuvenate what matters most to us, no matter what that might be.
So, my goal for 2013, is to write a book.
A book that will help people.
A book that can provide inspiration and insight.
A book that can motivate.
Specifically, this book will combine 3 of my favorite things:
I have broken this down into 12 topics, and 12 quilts.
I will do a new topic with matching quilt, one for each month of the year.
Each quilt will incorporate different designs and techniques, along with the topic for that month.
The entire process will be documented here, on my blog.
I hope that as this journey unfolds,
it can provide inspiration and comfort to those reading.
I truly believe that everyone has something beautiful inside them
just waiting to break free.
You hold the key to your own beauty.
You hold the key to your own creativity.
The choice is yours to unlock it.
More to come.
Very soon.
Happy New Year!
Be great to each other.
P.S. The first month’s topic will be patience; something I am sure we could all use a little more of.