The Patience continues….

I find it a little serendipitous that
 is the theme
for the first month of the year, for a couple reasons.
I have found that as I have set my new years resolutions,
all I keep thinking about is how I want them to come true!!!
The catch is that the only way to know for sure if you have actually followed through
is to look back at the end of the year
and either say you were faithful to your goals
or you weren’t.
I am a pretty dang impatient person.
I know this.
And it is amazing to me just how important that quality is to learn in this life.
I guess it is easy to forget how important patience is
because it has always been drilled into our heads since we were babies.
“Wait one minute and then I will help you.”
“Not yet.”
“After your chores are done.”
But this year, I am not going to let that discount how important it truly is.
So January,
I will get through you.
Here is the second reason patience is so applicable this month…
I found out that the fabric I ordered for this month’s quilt
may or may not get here until around the 15th!!!
How is THAT for a test of patience!?
I ordered it LAST YEAR!!!
Haha, okay. I am exaggerating a little. I ordered it like a week before Christmas.
Way to screw the pooch, Karlee.
But no matter. I guess I set myself up for the perfect test of patience.
Luckily there is still a lot to do to prepare for my fabric’s arrival.
So, today I picked out the thread that I will be using…
Drum roll please…
There ya have it folks.
Kind of.
Don’t worry, you will get a little more info when the fabric actually arrives.
In the mean time,
Learn to be patient- in whatever area you need a little more patience in.
Be quick to love, slow to judge.
Be great to each other.