Patience is over?

Trick question.
Patience is never over.
If it ended, it wouldn’t be patience anymore.
So, this month’s quilt has been almost a race to the finish line.
(Hence, only one more post on the last day of the month.)
And I FINISHED this month’s quilt! Haha I guess it really
isn’t that big of a deal to say you are still on track
But hey, its a big deal for me.
Now I better stop talking before I jinx it.
Here is the quilt in question
(also…proof that I DID in fact finish this month.)
So last time I left off,
I had outlined the letters, grass, and body of the snail.
Well. Buckle up.
I put in the texture of the snail’s body with a beige thread.
 (You can also see blue markings. I used a washable marker to give a better outline of the oval shapes before I went through and tried to trace them blindly.)
 I also gave the edge of it’s body some ridges with dark brown thread.
View of the back.
I used beige thread on top and in the bobbin.
I have filled in around the words with my auburn thread.
View of the back. I used dark brown thread in the bobbin.
I stopped about 2 inches from the edge on all sides.
I also filled in the leaves with my forest green thread.
I used my dark brown thread closer to the edges of the quilt, filling in where the auburn left off.
Then, this part was my FAVORITE.
Filling in the shell with golden thread.
I then outlined the shell using a technique called couching.
This is where you actually hand wind a bobbin with very thick and in this case metallic thread, and you use a thinner thread on top,
but you quilt from the back side of the quilt.
You do it this way because there really isn’t a needle large enough for this thick thread to fit through.
Pretty nifty eh?
And I think it turned out pretty beautiful if I do say so myself.
Finally, I decided to bind it in a mossy green color, to lighten it up just a little bit.
For the sake of time, I decided to machine bind this one.
Don’t be mad. I think it was for the greater good.
And there you have it.
The finished quilt.
I have learned quite a bit this month.
Among those things is this:
Patience may be good for us for a couple reasons.
1. When something finally comes our way, we will truly appreciate it.
2. Sometimes it is a good motivator in keeping our feet moving.
January has been good to me.
I hope this month has been good to you.
Be great to each other.

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