Be optimistic.

Optimism is a funny thing.
I love that.
Great movie.
Sometimes it seems funny how when I make more of an effort to be optimistic,
it is easy to point out the downfall to every pro.
Kind of defeats the purpose…
but at least I am trying.
Because once I notice that I am pointing out the weaknesses and flaws
I train myself to refocus.
and re-count-my-blessings.
I have found throughout this month that optimism is a gateway.
No, not a gateway drug.
Unless the kind of narcotics you are thinking of happen to be
and joy.
Hopefully thats EXACTLY what you were thinking about.
Haha… wow.
I’m not cut out for writing.
back to the main point.
Optimism can lead us to so many other productive and healthy things.
The minute you start thinking positive thoughts,
that is when you start wanting to do positive things.
And when you do positive things, you get positive reactions.
When you get positive reactions, you feel good.
You like feeling good.
And you think positive thoughts.
See where I’m going with this?
Lather. Rinse. repeat.
This month’s quilt says
“It is a great day to have a great day.”
This makes it sound like having a great day is a choice.
And in reality, it is a choice.
It’s an opinion.
A view.
An outlook on life.
I am trying hard to choose to have a great day.
Is it always easy?
Is it always worth it?
Now, I want to show you what I have been working on this month with quilting.
As always, make sure that your backing is larger than your front fabric.
But I did do a couple things differently…
Not 1, but 2 layers of puffy batting.
And I chose to use satin for my backing fabric of choice.
I made sure to baste it quite well… especially this time and especially having a facebook conversation like this…
Now, these ladies know whats up.
I should trust their better judgement…
I didn’t have another fabric that matched as well.
I also luckily bought 4 of this print.
So if I absolutely had to start over, I had that luxury.
Besides, what’s livin’ if you don’t pull your pants down
and slide on the ice, right?
…I also made sure that I basted it with safety pins VERY well.
Little by little, everything was turning out better than expected.
I outlined all of the words with silver thread,
and then took out all the safety pins in the middle.
I really love the way the letters are so puffy.
Hint: I planned this. That was the reason for the 2 layers of puffy batting.
Next came the fun part.
Filling it all in!!!!
(I really shouldn’t say that. Every part of this process is fun for me. Not sarcasm.)
I used that thin metallic gold thread.
And I have to admit, normally when I work with metallic thread
I have my fair share of shredding.
But, this time it was pretty smooth sailing.
About 15 hours later
it was all filled in.

Next, came the bobbin work.
And if I have learned anything about bobbin work it is this:
Always, always, always check your tension BEFOREHAND.
So I did.

Also, when you do bobbin work, make sure to tie off each end underneath.
I use a square knot.
Last but not least,
I also chose to use like a satin silky tie-type fabric because it just matched so perfectly.
Another unknown that ended up paying off.
I am getting better at mitering my corners.
Practice, practice practice.
Here you go ladies and gentlemen,
the finished quilt.
4 down.
8 to go.
2013 is a great year.
I learned from this quilt that it is okay to dive into the unknown.
Have hope, be optimistic, and make the best of it.
Choose to have a great day.
Be great to each other.

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