This can be the best or worst word in the world.
Personally, I think it is a pretty good one.
When I think about the new year’s resolutions that people set, or the things I want to accomplish myself this year, it all seems to come back to one key concept.
People want to change.
People need to change.
And people need to know that we all can change.
When I think about the silly naive girl that I was when I first started high school,
I am SO glad that I am not the same as I once was.
Of course, we all must go through changes.
We change from something okay
to something good
to something better
ultimately to become our best.
Sometimes as we are aspiring towards something more
it can easily feel like we are making only inches of progress…
if any at all.
Like a caterpillar that slowly makes their way across a branch,
only to look behind then at the end of the day and say
“I only moved 14 inches today?!?”
But have you ever tried to catch a butterfly?
Not easy my friend.
The pattern of a butterfly’s flight is constantly changing
swinging from one direction to another
dipping and ascending
almost to disappear the moment they are reached out for.
It is amazing how significant and symbolic the life cycle of a butterfly is.
I don’t think that is coincidence.
This month I want to focus on change.
The good kind.
With the butterfly as our perfect example.
I chose to have a butterfly in my February design. Here it is…



And here are the threads that I will be using (along with black.)
I know, I know.
I used gold last month.
But that is a coincidence.
Here is what I have done so far:
I chose a beautiful hand-dyed backing.
I dyed this in a textile class that I took with the amazing Judy Elsley.
It matches so perfectly!!!
Also, whenever you choose a backing fabric
always always always
make sure that your backing is at east 2 inches larger on all sides
like so:
For the batting, I just used a plain puffy batting.
And basted down all the edges with safety pins.
So far so good!!!
Tons more to do.
But don’t worry. This fabric is going to
little by little
into something beautiful.
Did you see what I did there?
Did you see it?
I’m getting delirious.
Be great to each other.