It has been rainy the past few days.
I love the rain.
The smell,
the sensation of each tiny drop on my face,
and the way the streets just feel new afterwards.
It is almost as if I am looking at a different street the day after it rains.
Really I’m not… but it feels like it.
In reality, nothing about the street has changed.
It was dry…
Then wet…
Then dry again.
But I think it was my eyes that changed.
Sometimes that is all it takes.
Changing your eyes.
To some people, any given street may be just that – a street.
But with the right outlook, it could be something beautiful.
Anything could.
Some people look at the glass half empty.
Others look at it half full.
I like to consider myself a glass-all-the-way-full
kind of gal.
I have so many things in my life to be thankful for.
Everyone does.
I think when the glass looks half full,
that top half that looks empty,
is really full of amazing and beautiful things.
It’s easy to see it as nothing.
Sometimes that empty space is the next opportunity we are too “busy” to recognize.
Sometimes that empty space is the people we should make time for, but don’t.
Sometimes that empty space are the things we want, but don’t want to work for.
Sometimes that empty space are the blessings we aren’t seeing because we are looking at our trials.
I want to be a glass-ALL-THE-WAY-FULL type of person.
I am super freaking pumped for this month’s quilt.
I am really happy with the design and the thread I picked out for it should look really great.
Here is the design for the April:
I tried to make it look like a blue sky, but on a rainy day.
I feel like a broken record, but I just love the rain so much.
Here is my thread choice:
Yep. One color.
One is thread, and the other will be for bobbin work.
(Thanks again, Ricky Tims.)
It is a great day to have a great day.
Be great to each other.