New Year, Same Me.

I know that I am writing this a little bit late into the new year. But I feel like 2018 is going to be just a little bit different for me. Last year, instead of setting concrete New Years Resolutions, I decided to choose a word that I wanted to emulate throughout the year. Last year, that word was “Hustle”.

This year, after much soul-searching, I have decided that the word I want to emulate this year is “Content”, as in, learning to be content in life.

As in, being content with where I am in life, and not always delay so much happiness until I get X, Y, and Z done.

Don’t get me wrong, 2017 was an AMAZING year for me, and it was filled with hustle. I graduated college…

Grew a baby…

Gave birth to said baby (in 30 hours of natural labor. No hustle there…)

(Look how tan and glowy I was…)

(….aaaaand…. the glow is gone. I actually found out later that I had postpartum anemia.)

I also realized that there is this whole place in my heart that I never knew I had, and Nate immediately filled it.

Published my third coloring book…

Updated my Graffiti Quilting book to have double the info that the original one had…

Launched my new line of custom quilts, my “Sentimental Snuggles” series…

Created a competition quilt for Houston and won first place…

And finished a crapton of quilts throughout all of that!

(The quilt in this photo is extra special to me because my Grandma pieced it, and I got to quilt it. We also used it as the backdrop for some of Nate’s newborn photos, one of which you just saw, a few photos up.)

So, I think it is safe to say that 2017 was the year of hustle, and hustle I did. But 2018 brings a little bit of change of pace. I will still be doing all my shenanigans as per usual. I plan to do a little travel and teaching, and I have a lot of things up my sleeve as far as digital designs, for quilting as well as embroidery. But, my mindset is going to shift a little bit. Being raised in a large family, I was always taught that hard work paid off and that if I wanted more out of life, it was up to me to earn it or create it. Which is awesome. But, along with that mindset I found that I was sometimes delaying my own happiness until I had reachedย the next hurdle. “I’ll be happier when…” You know what I mean? This year, I am just going to do what I love, be content in the success I see, and choose to be fully happy each day. If having a child has taught me anything, it is that moments are fleeting, and circumstances are constantly changing. It’s completely okay to be happy with where I amย right now.

Maybe I’m getting a little mushy gushy for y’all. But, I feel like running a business has forced me to contemplate where being a business owner fits into my life, in terms of the grand scheme of things. I am so extremely thankful to have a business that allows me to fully dedicate myself to my son. At the end of the day, being a wife and mommy is where I truly feel the most happy, but being a creative artist and sharing my passions with the world is a definite close second. It also allows me to maintain an identity outside of homemaking, which is important for any stay at home mommy.

Anywho, thanks for letting me share all of this with you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and support my work. I know that this year is going to be great!

I still plan to release new quilting and embroidery designs at the beginning of each month, but I wanted to wait a few days after the New Years to announce this month’s designs. I feel like we all needed a moment or two to set some resolutions, get our bearings in place, (realize that some of our resolutions were lame, and give up on them) and remember that even if we are not perfect, we are still perfectly human and worthy of love, (whether its the love of others, or simply self-love.)

So for this months designs…

Last year, I had quite a few thank-you cards that I needed to send out for various things. I thought it would be really fun to make thank-you cards that were quilted, instead of just using paper cards that would get discarded later. So, I ended up coming up with an entire Greeting Card Collection!

How cute are these?? January is the perfect time to launch these designs, because I am sure we all had wonderful gifts given to us just a few weeks ago.

So, if you want these designs, grab em while they’re hot AND ON SALE! From now until January 13th, all of these greeting card designs are 30% off. BUT if you decide to buy the entire collection of designs, it is marked down to 50% off!

You can click on any of the images to be taken to their product page to see how they stitch out, or click here and just buy the collection like you were already planning to. 😉

I’m open to suggestions for future designs or collections. If you have anything you want to request, leave it in the comments below!

Be great to each other.


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