Computerized Quilting in a Nutshell

As some of you may know,
I create digital quilting designs
for computerized quilters.
For those that don’t know,
a digital design is used with a computerized quilting system.
It is kind of like one of those ghost pianos
where the keys move on their own.
With a computerized quilting machine,
the machine moves on its own to create the designs.
So this:
Becomes this:
And this:
Becomes this:

And this:
Becomes this:

And this:

Becomes this:
And this:

Becomes this:
Kind of cool, eh?
This year I have made a goal to design
(that’s right, 3 zeros)
by the end of 2014.
It is almost the end of April
and I am happy to announce that
I currently have
It is so fun coming up with new designs,
and the possibilities literally are endless.
It continues to astound me the things that
we can do in the artistic world with the power of technology.
To be able to take a design
from pen to paper,
from paper to computer screen,
from input to output,
from needle to thread
is one of the coolest processes that I have had
the pleasure of embracing.
If anyone wants to learn more about computerized quilting,
I would be happy to expand and share my love for quilting.
Happy Quilting!
Be great to each other.

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