I’m giving in… just a little.

I promised myself that I would not post any pictures
of my Houston Competition Quilt on the internet
until it was completely finished.
It isn’t finished yet.
But I just can’t help myself.
I took some photos
using a penny for scale
to give you an idea of just how much
freaking micro-quilting
there is on this quilt.
I have never been one to leave empty spaces.
When it comes to quilting something to death,
I am guilty as charged.
here is all you get.
For now…

Little by little.
The other thing I will say is
you can expect hot colors,
metallic thread,
crap-loads of hot-fix crystals,
and some sick bead work.
In other news,
I have gotten a few opportunities
in the quilting industry that have really flattered me.
It has caused me to take a step back and really ponder what I want out of life.
I am so thankful for all the opportunities I have been given,
because it has helped me more fully understand what things I am striving for
and realize which things are just distractions.
Oh, this crazy thing called life.
Be great to each other.

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