A passionate month.

I have been quilting so much this month!
I love being in the zone.
Not only did I create this month’s quilt,
but I also started another hand-dyed whole cloth
as well as a baby quilt that I will be teaching a class on soon.
Some people say that quilting is not a hobby but a lifestyle.
I can attest to that.
I am sure that other quilter’s will also attest to that.
And non-quilters just think I am a psycho.
But hey,
Some people love to just run for miles and hours on end.
Some people love to buy 50 year old rusty cars and make them shiny and new.
Some people like to see how quickly they can beat a video game.
Some people like to document, film, or photograph everything they see.
I think it is so awesome to see so many people around me that just
Everyone needs at least one thing that they can just love.
It is amazing how passion can be such a driving factor in
what we say
what we do
and how we think.
The things that we love seem to determine where our thoughts go when they wander.
I can’t tell you how many times I have looked at something completely unrelated to sewing or quilting
and I just have an epiphany for the next design, pattern or quilt that I want to make.
I truly believe that God inspires us to be the best we can be
and he uses the things that we are passionate about the enrich the lives of those around us.
The more we can display our talents and abilities,
the better we get and we fall in love with it all over again.
I found the quilt for this month to be quite metaphorical.
As I started quilting it, it seemed like the entire theme just came together with every new element I added.
When I had originally designed the fabric,
I had no idea how I was going to quilt it.
But everything seemed to just fall into place.
Now, I have a hunch that some quilter’s will look at this quilt and say that I broke the quilting rules.
I am not going to point them out.
But before you see the pictures I just want to say that pursuing your passion is not about following rules.
At least not for me.
Here is what I did:
As always, the first thing I do it lay the quilt sandwich together.
This time though, I used a spray baste (spray adhesive)
so that I wouldn’t have to use safety pins.
Notice how I can lift the top layer and the rest comes with it.
I definitely recommend a spray baste, especially for smaller projects.

Next, I outlined the outer most circle of the design, as well as the bars that come out of it.
My little ruler just came in so handy. I love being able to get those perfect straight lines.
The rest from here was completely improvisational and inspirational.
I just quilted whatever would come to me when I sat down.
The only catch is that I didn’t quilt inside the circle or bars.
I couldn’t resist throwing one in of Bodee.
He is the best.
Finally, I bound it with a solid black Kona Cotton.
And here is the final touch.
A diamond dotting the ‘i’ of the word “passionate”.

Here is the finished quilt
in all her glory.

I was surprised as I was reaching the end of this quilt
to see how the theme actually influenced the quilting.

I know that sounds confusing… let me explain.

The entire quilt represents our life.
The quilted designs represent the hustle and bustle and cares of everyday life.
The circle is THE ZONE.
I chose to leave that area un-quilted because when you are in the zone
nothing else matters.
Your worries, apprehensions, scars, discouragement, and fear
all fades away.

When you are so focused on something, you are in “the zone”.
There are layers and layers of the zone.
Some deeper than others.
Some layers cracked and others smooth.

The diamond represents that end result from staying in the zone long enough
wandering around the layers
finding hints of inspiration here
finding dead ends of discouragement there.

Until finally you have dug deep
practiced extremely long and hard
at the root of the passion
is where you find that gem…

…where all that work finally pays off.

That diamond is your success.

To me,
that is worth all the time in a day
all the sweat my body can muster
all the do-overs I can handle
and all the almost-good-but-not-quite-good work
that is produced leading up to that point.

Find your passion.
Go through the layers.
You’ll find your diamond.
It is in there somewhere.

Be great to each other.


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