Karlee Curls For Everyone!

Hey my lovely people! I hope you all have been enjoying your 2018 thus far. Things over here have been quite crazy, to say the least. I booked myself a pretty busy first quarter of the year, and I am super excited to tell you all about what I’ve got going on in the next couple months.

First of all, for all you computerized quilters out there, as per usual, I have a few new fun designs that have just launched. Over the last 15 years or so (way before I got into quilting) there was this design that I LOVED to draw. It was just this cool interlocking, curly Q type design. Here it is in my sketchbook from when I was in high school (circa 2007):

And here it is again, a couple years later. As you can see I got a little bit better at drawing it, but even at this point it is still a little bit messy.

And here it is again, as the background filler of my award winning quilt, Shimmering Symphony, made in 2012:

This has always been my favorite motif to quilt, and the most requested motif to teach others how to quilt when I travel and teach. It works wonderfully within graffiti quilting, as well as on its own allover a functional quilt.

Well, after many requests to turn this quilting motif into some digital designs for all the people who do not do free-motion quilting, I finally did it! I created it to fit into a bunch of different quilt block shapes,


…As well as a way to do allover Karlee Curls across an entire quilt:

In this particular allover design, you stitch out each row, where each one nests into the previous row. This design is stitched out just like my Allover Graffiti Quilting design. Each of the 10 rows is completely unique, so it really looks like the quilt was free-motion quilted. You can use this design on any size quilt, even up to a king size. If you purchase the entire collection, you get a HUGE discount on it! Right now its on sale for 80 bucks instead of 132! But hurry because it won’t be that cheap forever. (Sale ends on Feb. 10th, 2018)

Aren’t they just to-die-for? Seriously. I will never get sick of them.

If you ARE a free-motion quilter, and these computerized designs are useless to you, I just wanted to let you know that I will be teaching an online Masterclass this spring where I will teach you how to free-motion quilt my Karlee Curls, along with a bunch of other motifs and techniques. Stay tuned, because that announcement is coming within the next few days.

Be great to each other,



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