Kindness is simple.

Growing up,
all kids have their fair share of fights.
Your best friend decides that she wants to play tether-ball with someone else.
You may not like the way a certain teacher assigns homework.
You may not agree with the way your boss gives direction.
My Mom has a famous saying
that is fool proof.
“Kill ’em with kindness.”
Way easier said than done…
but worth every second of effort.
It really is amazing how hard it can be sometimes
to do or say
the kindest things.
And believe you me,
I’ll be the first one to tell you that I have had
more than enough
But it really is amazing to see
how far an act of kindness can really go.
It’s easy to talk about ways to be kind.
We could name all the good deeds we do all day long.
But here is the challenge.
Think about kindness.
Look for ways to show kindness.
Just be kind.
Plain and simple.
Kindness really is so simple.
This months quilt was sooooooo
so so so so so
fun to do.
I think this quilt really expanded my quilting ability as well.
Here is the thread colors I used:
As always, the first thing I did was basted the quilt,
and then outlined the letters to keep everything together.
Next, I used my handi dandi
(I don’t know the brand, I got it for free at a quilt show)
quilting ruler
to quilt the beige background.



And I love love love
(3 loves for emphasis)
the way the background turned out.
I need to do more ruler work.
It’s pretty fun once you get the hang of it.
After that I quilted all the words.




Lastly, I filled in the corners in with a cute pebbly bubbly design.
And I bound it in this cute grassy green color.
Even though there wasn’t any green in the quilt, I think it tied the color scheme together nicely.
Here is the finished quilt.
I can’t believe this year is half over!
6 quilts down
(and I have LOVED every minute of it)
and 6 to go!
I love being kind, and I love when people are kind.
Be kind to each other!
Be great to each other!

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