For June I chose the theme Kindness.
It is amazing how a little kindness can go such a long way.
I saw this video about it that I just thought was so awesome…
Seriously amazing.
I know when people think about trying to do kind things for others,
it is easy to think that it has to be this huge expensive gesture.
But it doesn’t.
And it gets even easier when you choose to show kindness
by not doing something.
Not talking bad about someone when others are.
Not cutting someone off on the freeway because you are late and traffic is already bad enough.
By not setting your bag on a seat when the train is already crowded during rush hour.
take the time to find those little acts of kindness.
See what you can do to help someone out.
And let people love you too.
The quilt design I chose for this month looks like this:
Its simple. Straight. And to the point.
Be great to each other.