Fabric Design Binge

For awhile I have been working on adding
fabric design to my repertoire.
(I try to use fancy words sometimes.)
Anyone who is familiar with my quilting style
knows that I pretty much suck at piecing.
Like bad.
So, I tend to just skip that all together and stick with what I know,
Am I the only one out there who loves quilting
and isn’t great at piecing?
My ultimate dream is to design fabric, quilt patterns,
and digital quilting designs.
Then I thought,
“Why not use the power of technology to find a way to skip the piecing,
but still makes quilts that look like they are pieced.”
Oh duh. That already exists-
fabric panels.
The hard part is finding cute modern designs that I like.
I thought I would just design my own.
I was hoping I could share some of my latest work here
and get some criticism.
…hopefully constructive criticism,
but hey,
a girl will take what she can get.
So, check these out and let me know what you think.
They are designed to be 36″ x 56″
(about the size of a crib quilt or good sized wall-hanging.)

What do you think?
Be great to each other.

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