For You to View.

I guess that filming the episode with QNNtv
just gave me the bug to want to make more videos!
For a little while now I have been exploring the world of couching.
For those of you who might not know,
couching is a technique where you
basically stitch over yarn and tack it down onto your quilt.
At first I didn’t see the appeal.
Mostly because the yarn that I thought of was
not only itchy
but kind of ghastly as well.
This is what came to mind…
Not very cute.
as I started to do more research and actually
try this technique on my own quilting machine,
I learned that I could actually make something beautiful with yarn.
A dear friend gave me some beautiful gold metallic yarn.
With a little experimentation, this is what I came up with.
I fell in love with this technique and I know that other people will too
once they give it a try.
(A funny story about this particular quilt.
The night before I was going to film
my episode for QNNtv,
I just could not fall asleep.
So I crawled out of bed and made this little quilt.
It is only about 14″ x 14″
but it was nice because I ended up actually using it
in one of my segments as filming.)
If you would like to find out more
about how to do this technique on your own quilting machine
feel free to check out the video demonstration
that I made:
Be great to each other!

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