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Young Textile Artist Challenge

Today is another quilt competition deadline. This competition really enticed me because it is designated for “Young Textile Artists” and you can only submit work if you are under the age of 30. Hey look at that! An actual competition for us youngins! I figured I might have a good shot at doing well in this show because c’mon, how many competition quilters are out there that are under the age of 30? Pry like 9. Maybe 10. Haha. So I thought this one would be fun. As you all know, I have been dabbling quite a bit lately in […]

Bobbin Work. How do I do it?

Hello my beautiful human beings. Since I finished my Houston Quilt Entry I have gotten a lot of requests on how to do bobbin work. So, I made a little video. I really loved making this video but just realize that it was a one-woman-production. That being said, I hope you enjoy it! Be great to each other! -Karlee

Deadline Beat.

Yesterday was the deadline for competition entries into the Houston International Quilt Competition. This is the largest quilt show in the world. This is where the best of the best compete. And for some reason I thought I might have a chance in the big leagues. I am happy to report that I actually got my quilt submitted last Friday. And I know FOR SURE that it got there on time because I got a call from someone from the show saying that my credit card number was declined when they tried to charge the entrance fee. HAHAHAHAHA. I had […]

From Graphics to Fibers

Some of you may remember this post about fabric design. Well, I printed one of those designs onto fabric and quilted it… PRETTY MUCH ASAP. ha. But seriously. Here is the design that I had printed: This is one of my favorite designs that I have done. I have the actual design sized at 36 x 56 inches but I decided to just have this printed at 16 x 22 so that I could experiment and play with it. *sidenote* if anyone is interested in purchasing some of this fabric for themselves, you can find it here. (and other sizes are […]

Computerized Quilting in a Nutshell

As some of you may know, I create digital quilting designs for computerized quilters. For those that don’t know, a digital design is used with a computerized quilting system. It is kind of like one of those ghost pianos where the keys move on their own. With a computerized quilting machine, the machine moves on its own to create the designs. So this: Becomes this: And this: Becomes this: And this: Becomes this: And this: Becomes this: And this: Becomes this: Kind of cool, eh? This year I have made a goal to design 1,000 (that’s right, 3 zeros) by […]

I’m giving in… just a little.

So. I promised myself that I would not post any pictures of my Houston Competition Quilt on the internet until it was completely finished. It isn’t finished yet. But I just can’t help myself. I took some photos using a penny for scale to give you an idea of just how much freaking micro-quilting there is on this quilt. I have never been one to leave empty spaces. When it comes to quilting something to death, I am guilty as charged. Anyway, here is all you get. For now… Little by little. The other thing I will say is you […]

Fabric Design Binge

For awhile I have been working on adding fabric design to my repertoire. (I try to use fancy words sometimes.) Anyone who is familiar with my quilting style knows that I pretty much suck at piecing. Like bad. So, I tend to just skip that all together and stick with what I know, quilting. Am I the only one out there who loves quilting and isn’t great at piecing? Anyway… My ultimate dream is to design fabric, quilt patterns, and digital quilting designs. Then I thought, “Why not use the power of technology to find a way to skip the […]

How can I help?

So. Last year I made a few quilts that would only be used to help other people. So, this year I have been looking for good causes to donate those quilts to. So far, 3 are gone. I mentioned the last 2 in the previous post. The third was given to a girl named Aleesha. Aleesha was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer. I found her story on Facebook from a friend of a friend. Here. I have not met her before, and maybe never will. But circumstances like hers are the whole reason I made these quilts last year. […]

Long time. Please forgive me.

The later half of 2013 was bittersweet. Here is an update: My beautiful sweet mother in law was diagnosed with Cancer. This is her 3rd time having cancer. Through this trial, she has undergone many surgeries, ingested many different medications, and spent many nights away from home in a rehab center to undergo physical therapy. Andrew and I were lucky enough to be able to spend the weekends taking care of her, and keeping her company, allowing Andrew’s father to get some much needed rest. She is the light of our family and always knows how to turn a frown […]