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A passionate month.

I have been quilting so much this month! I love being in the zone. Not only did I create this month’s quilt, but I also started another hand-dyed whole cloth as well as a baby quilt that I will be teaching a class on soon. Some people say that quilting is not a hobby but a lifestyle. I can attest to that. I am sure that other quilter’s will also attest to that. And non-quilters just think I am a psycho. But hey, Some people love to just run for miles and hours on end. Some people love to buy […]


I truly believe that everyone in this world can have a passion for something. I have truly found my passion. I wish it could sum it up in one word. But since I can’t, I feel like the only way to show you is to simply keep showing it. I think one of the greatest things that we can do is share the passions we have with those around us. Play music for someone Dance with someone Plant a garden with someone. Make a quilt for someone. This life has so much to offer. I am so happy that I […]

Kindness is simple.

Growing up, all kids have their fair share of fights. Your best friend decides that she wants to play tether-ball with someone else. You may not like the way a certain teacher assigns homework. You may not agree with the way your boss gives direction. My Mom has a famous saying that is fool proof. “Kill ’em with kindness.” Psh. Way easier said than done… but worth every second of effort. It really is amazing how hard it can be sometimes to do or say the kindest things. And believe you me, I’ll be the first one to tell you […]


For June I chose the theme Kindness. It is amazing how a little kindness can go such a long way. I saw this video about it that I just thought was so awesome… Seriously amazing. I know when people think about trying to do kind things for others, it is easy to think that it has to be this huge expensive gesture. But it doesn’t. And it gets even easier when you choose to show kindness by not doing something. Not talking bad about someone when others are. Not cutting someone off on the freeway because you are late and […]

Appreciate time.

Please forgive me. I know I am a few days late with this post, and it is June now. But I wanted to at least show you May’s quilt… I guess the longer I wait the more irrelevant it becomes. Anyway…. Last time I wrote I talked about appreciating. People, places, things. I have to say that one thing I have really come to appreciate is time. People always say that time is money. And I guess I agree, but I don’t think “time is money” is the most important. I think what is most important is “time is precious.” […]


I have been pondering quite a bit this month about how I wanted to incorporate this month’s theme into the quilt design. (Hence the first blog post for the month being on the 28th.) First things first. Here are the colors that I chose for this month’s quilt Although I don’t think I will actually end up using all 3. And here is the design: I really really like this design. Appreciation is the recognition of quality, value, or significance. Some people appreciate things. Some appreciate places. There are so many good things and places. But what I really want […]

Be optimistic.

Optimism is a funny thing. I love that. Great movie. Sometimes it seems funny how when I make more of an effort to be optimistic, it is easy to point out the downfall to every pro. Kind of defeats the purpose… but at least I am trying. Because once I notice that I am pointing out the weaknesses and flaws I train myself to refocus. Re-center. Re-evaluate. Re-compensate. and re-count-my-blessings. I have found throughout this month that optimism is a gateway. No, not a gateway drug. Unless the kind of narcotics you are thinking of happen to be hope faith […]


It has been rainy the past few days. I love the rain. The smell, the sensation of each tiny drop on my face, and the way the streets just feel new afterwards. It is almost as if I am looking at a different street the day after it rains. Really I’m not… but it feels like it. In reality, nothing about the street has changed. It was dry… Then wet… Then dry again. But I think it was my eyes that changed. Sometimes that is all it takes. Changing your eyes. To some people, any given street may be just […]

Will this trial end?

This month has been emotional. Both joyful and sad. I feel like ending this month with a blog post on Easter is quite fitting. I personally have a lot of religious belief tied to Easter Sunday. To each their own. So take this with a grain of salt. This month, my family lost a loved one. She was a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, confidant, and hero. She was an amazing, thoughtful, and wonderfully loving woman. Words cannot express how much she touched the lives of those around her. How much she could just make you feel like the most important […]


My dad used to always say, “Trials and tribulations are mandatory- misery is optional.” I remember this sign hanging in his office before I could ever even understand what those words meant. But every day it rings truer than the day before. I chose the theme Trials for the month of March. It really actually feels like this theme chose me. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not gonna start playing the “woe is me”….. card. Really, what’s happening is that I feel so aware of the trials of those around me. It is one thing to go through your […]