Shimmering Symphony Master Class

5 Years ago,
I created this quilt:

I had just gotten into free-motion quilting
but as many of you know I had already
been an artist for several years.

It was created for a competition
at the Houston International
Quilt Festival called
“Create Your Style With Swarovski Elements”
(yep, THE Swarovski company was the sponsor
along with SAQA and Pfaff Sewing Machine Company)

The theme was music
so I chose to incorporate some of my favorite instruments
into the composition.

Lo and behold,
it won first place!

I am guessing if you are reading this post
that you have already heard about this quilt
so I am not going to keep gushing about it.
(You can read the full story about it here)


I do have some exciting news.
The design was so popular
that people kept asking me
to make a pattern for it.

So I did!
And people bought it!

The pattern is a whole-cloth quilt
and is presented in a simpler form
so even the most novice of quilter
can tackle it one section at a time.
After all, when I first made the quilt,
I had to take it a step at a time
and figure out how I was going to quilt each section.

Many of those quilters wanted to kick it up a notch
and really create a masterpiece like the original…

Well, ask and ye shall receive!
I have decided that I am going to offer the

I call it
The Shimmering Symphony Master Class
and here is what that means exactly…

Because all of you lovely people live all over the world,
this will be an online course that will last a whopping 4 weeks!

The class will be super interactive,
with live videos where we will meet online
and learn together!
Each main weekly video will be jam-packed
with instruction and demonstrations
and the comments and questions
will be moderated and answered on the fly.
You can plan for at least an hour for each weekly live video.
Don’t worry if you can’t actually watch it live, though.
It’ll be hosted in a private Facebook group
only for those who are enrolled in the class,
where you can access the video at any time.
(You must have an active Facebook account.
After you sign up, click the link to the group and request to join.
Not only will this give you access for the class,
but you will retain access to the group
for an additional 3 months afterward.)

So, every Saturday afternoon (MST)
for 4 weeks I will post a live video.
I will also post content and mini technique videos
throughout each week
in hopes that all of us will finish the master class
with our very own Shimmering Symphony Quilts!

I will also post coupons,
and send out “door prizes” throughout the class
of some cute fabric and super fun quilting supplies!
I have some wonderful class sponsors to thank
The Warm Company,
Modern Yardage,
The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson,
Swarovski Crystal Company!

The class will start on
so mark you calendar and sign up
as soon as possible to reserve your spot!

As I teach you how to make your own
“Shimmering Symphony” quilt,
each week’s techniques will
build off the ones from the previous week
(so prepare for some quilting homework)
and I will go over every single design and free-motion quilting pattern
within the quilt and give you the step by step guidance you’ll need
as you tackle this super fun project!

Along with the content that I post within the class,
Facebook provides the perfect platform to easily share photos
of your progress with me as well as the rest of the class.
It will be easy to ask questions
about styles and techniques we use,
and I will constantly be moderating the group
to provide personalized feedback and instruction based
on your design choices and quilting skill level.

(Isn’t technology A-MAZING?? We can all take a class together
from the comfort of our own homes!)

You do NOT need to have a
longarm machine to participate,
simply any machine capable
of free-motion quilting.

Now let’s talk numbers…
A 4 week online course comparable to this one
would generally be anywhere from $399-$549.
But, because this is my first time teaching
an online course in this format,
I am discounting the price to just
$299 per person!

This price DOES include the downloadable pattern
if you don’t already own it
(If you’ve already purchased the pattern,
email me for $15 off your class tuition before you sign up;
no need to pay for the pattern twice! 🙂

The actual quilting materials are not included,
however the supplies will not be too expensive
because the quilt itself is fairly small.
(Unless you plan to BLING the crap out of yours like I did…
crystals alone for the original quilt were more than I am
charging for the class itself.
But, perhaps you might win some shiny stuff
in the door prize drawings!)

I have some AWESOME door prizes
to hand out including:

Some of my favorite batting from
The Warm Company:

Custom printed fabric panels from Modern Yardage:

Beautiful Genuine Swarovski Hot-Fix crystals
from the Swarovski Crystal company:

Some awesome quilting supplies from

As well as some of my own favorite quilting goodies!

Check out the class Sign-Up page to see
a full list of the supplies you’ll need.

I think this class is going to be so fun
and I am REALLY excited to make this quilt again
to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of
Shimmering Symphony winning first place!

Be sure to sign up soon, because spots may be limited!

And hurry,

Also, if you refer a friend,
have them put your name in the comment
of their order when they sign up,
You’ll get a $30 Gift Card to
when the class starts.


Be great to each other!


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34 thoughts on “Shimmering Symphony Master Class

    • Karlee Porter Post author

      Hi Sue!

      I will be teaching this class again this spring! Be sure to get on my email list so that you’ll know when registration opens. 🙂 Here is a link to get on the list:


  • Debi Bullard

    Hi Karlee, I have loved this quilt since I first saw it on Facebook several year ago. I am starting a music studio for piano and guitar lessons and this shimmering symphony would look great on my business cards. What would be the charge to use the picture for such a purpose?

    • Karlee Porter Post author

      Hi Debi!

      Let’s say if you purchase the downloadable pattern, which is 15$, that will give you the rights to print this image on your business cards, sound fair?


  • Fran Hamilton

    I was reading all the comments and appreciate your answers…….you didn’t answer Janice’s question about currency ……I am assuming that the fee is in U.S. dollars………….is that correct?…………………living in Canada puts us at a real disadvantage with the exchange rate.

  • Gayle Lacerda

    Karlee, one more thing – do you have any kind of estimate as to how much time we will really need to dedicate to “homework”? I know this all requires practice, practice, practice but really want to be sure I have the time to dedicate to really learning.

    • Karlee Porter Post author

      Luckily the quilt is designed and laid out so that you can jump around from section to section. So if you find that you haven’t finished the homework for each week, don’t worry too much because the next section can be done independently from the prior one, and then you can go back later to finish those sections. Everyone quilts at their own pace, but I think if you set aside 1-2 hours throughout the week (outside of the live videos each Saturday) I believe you’d be able to keep up. I felt like 4 weeks was the perfect amount of time to not rush the students, and really give them time to ponder each section and really take it in. I hope you’ll join us for the class! Also, I forgot to answer part of your last question: the fabric panel is not included in the price of the class, but I do have some to give away as door prizes, so you may just win one. But, the printed pattern IS included in the class and so you won’t need to worry about printing anything out.

  • Gayle Lacerda

    Karlee, is this class OK for beginners? Also, are in printed fabric panels included? I love this quilt and really want to learn free motion quilting!!!!!

    • Karlee Porter Post author

      Hi Gayle!
      I do believe that this class would be alright for beginners, as long as you have done some sort of free-motion before. Having a good understanding of your machine and how to do free-motion quilting will help you immensely. But as for that class, as intense as it might be, I will walk you through every single step of the process to make sure you understand it all. I break things down to the very very basics and I am confident that a beginning quilter could tackle this quilt over the 4 weeks of the class. 🙂 But even if it takes longer than the 4 weeks for you to finish it, you will have access to the materials for as long as you need. 🙂


  • Connie Schofield

    Hi Karlee, I love, love this quilt. I purchased the pattern November 2015 and printed out 2 different sizes. What size is your original quilt? I didn’t want to go too large and wanted to make sure I have the correct size printed out for the class. I’ll be signing up for the class soon. My daughter is a piano teacher and would love to get this for a “present” from me.

    • Karlee Porter Post author

      Hi Connie! The original quilt is about 20″ x 30″. but don’t worry too much about the pattern at this point. Before the class begins, each student will receive a care package from me with a bunch of goodies and information, as well as the pattern already printed out at a couple different sizes to pick from. 🙂


  • Diana Devaney

    Hi…I am very interested in replicating this quilt and precipitating in the class. However, I intend to hand quilt it. Is it possible to benefit from this class if I am attempting to hand quilt this pattern? Either way, is it possible to purchase one of the “Custom printed fabric panels” from you? Please let me know as soon as you are able, I don’t want to miss the sign-up availability should I choose to take your class.

    Thank You!

    • Karlee Porter Post author

      Hi Diana!

      Great question! Thank you so much! You can definitely do this pattern in hand-quilting form. It may take you longer to finish it than others who are machine quilting, but it will definitely still work with hand-quilting. Just note that I don’t have any experience with hand-quilting so it will be up to you (and I of course will help as much as I can) to translate the designs I teach into hand-quilting form. Also, about the panels, I actually have some custom printed fabric panels of the pattern that I am giving out as door prizes, so If you do sign up I would be happy to let you “win” one of them as one of your door prizes. (Everyone will get a door prize or two.)
      I hope this answers your questions!

  • Chris

    Hi Karlee

    Love your quilt and the challenges it presents. I will be away from home from mid May thru June, so I wanted to make sure I would still have plenty of time to complete this with the aid of all the online tools.

    Also will all students be equally eligible for any ‘door prizes’ regardless of where in the world they are?


    • Karlee Porter Post author

      Hi Chris! Thanks for reaching out. Yes, you will absolutely still be able to have access to the content in the group for as long as you need. And yes! Every student WILL get a door prize no matter where they live! 🙂

  • Julia Bernstein

    It sound like a phenomenal class, but very expensive, compared to some weekend live seminars or other online seminars by famous quilters.With the cost of supplies S149 to $199 seems a more fair price, for the average quilter. Sharing your expertise and ideas to stimulate the novice quilter is as important as creating a prize winning quilt. Yes, it is a master class, but expanding ones knowledge, creates new possibilities as one imagines there next quilt. More quilters able to enjoy your class will produce a network for future classes and your supply lists for these classes. Best of luck with your first class.

    • Karlee Porter Post author

      Hi Julia! Thanks for the input! I know some weekend live seminars are cheaper, but this is a class that runs actively for almost a month, and then I provide continuous support within the group for an additional 3-6 months. So the tuition fee does not only include the time spent in class, but also allows for me to be accessible until every student’s quilt is finished. It might seem more expensive than other classes, but the commitment level on my half is something that I am very generous with. I want to make sure that EVERY student gets all the information they could ever need in order to make their own masterpiece, and this price point allows me to allocate the time needed to do that. I hope you still might consider taking the class, I think it is going to be a ton of fun. The cost of supplies is fairly minimal, after all- I was a novice quilter with a very limited budget when I created the original Shimmering Symphony quilt. 🙂 Thanks again for the feedback. My goal is to create wonderful, fun, and cost-effective classes now and in the future. <3

  • Cindy Pilkington

    The work this class is based upon has been admired by so many people! Your work is amazing to say the least! Other than the cost of the class, is there a complete materials list you can share ahead of time so those of us who have limited funds or for beginners that have not build a quilting supply cache can determine what additional costs may be expected? Thanks for this opportunity to learn from your experience.

    • Karlee Porter Post author

      Hi Cindy! Thank you so much for the question! Here is a practical list of supplies that you’ll want for the class:
      About 3.5 yards of solid colored fabric
      (this should be enough for front and back)
      1.5 yards (36″ WOB) of Warm & Natural Batting
      4 Thread choices:
      Light color
      Dark Color
      Metallic Thread
      Something to mark your fabric with
      Something to baste your fabric with
      A quilting machine OR any sewing machine
      that allows for free-motion quilting
      Beads (for the bottom binding)
      Hot-fix Crystals
      Embellishments are optional

      I hope you’ll sign up for the class!


  • Susan

    I understand that there is a discount for tqs members. What is the discount? If one has trouble keeping up will there be catch up time? If a student cannot make the class time live how much will S/he miss

    • Karlee Porter Post author

      Hi Susan! Yes there is a 25$ off coupon when you use the code TQS25off The class will be open for 3-6 months even after the live videos have ended. I will continue to moderate and answer questions and provide feedback as you continue with your quilt even after the 4 weeks. My main goal is to make sure that every student leaves the class feeling satisfied and with a finished quilt. 🙂 So even after the 4 weeks have finished and some students may have finished their quilts, I will still be there for everyone who might work at a little slower of a pace. 🙂 I hope you’ll join! I think it is going to be great fun!

  • Pam Stewart

    Watched your interview with Alex Anderson on TQS, I have been a member of TQS since the start. Your class sounds right up my alley, since I can not travel to quilt getaways and classes right now, due to my husbands health. The cost of $299 seems fair, but according to your write up of the class, it is only available for 3 months on line. For that much money, I feel there should at least be a video available to us of the class. Life happens, and that 3 month period may not give us time to refer back to the class. By the way, I have followed your work for a while and love your free spirit approach.

    • Karlee Porter Post author

      Hi Pam!
      Thank you for the feedback. Honestly, that 3 months is definitely flexible, and I would be happy to leave it open longer if you think that is more fair. 🙂 I want to make sure that all my students get as much out of the class as possible, and I know that life can get hectic, especially going into the summer. I do hope that you’ll sign up for the class 🙂 I promise I will not abandon you. I have considered the idea of compiling all the videos that will take place and making them available for my students long-term.


        • Karlee Porter Post author

          Hi Susan! Thanks for the comment. Yes there will be handouts, including the pattern itself. (if you have already bought the pattern from me you will be reimbursed for it) and the group will be open for as long as it needs to be to make sure that everyone is satisfied. 🙂 That is my main priority. As a teacher I promise I will not leave you high and dry and feel that every student will DEFINITELY get their money’s worth for taking my class. Are you going to sign up? 🙂 I hope you will.


  • Janet Ward

    I would really like to take your class on this, but it being on line, I worry that I wouldn’t learn that much, and for $299.00 and I’m in the highest unemployment rural area, that has no job opportunities available, that is really hard to do… what comes with the fee? With it being online, I thought it really shouldn’t be that expensive, but maybe she has plans to put things in more toward the start of the class…
    please let me know… Hoping maybe price will come down or be given later at less… unless materials are included.

    • Karlee Porter Post author

      Hi Janet, thanks for the comment. 🙂 while this class is online, it is 4 weeks long and has 2 hours of live video each week. This includes instruction, as well as demonstration. You’ll learn about what types of materials to use, how to plan and transfer your pattern to your fabric (pattern is also included in the price of the class). We will also talk about 10-15 free motion quilting motifs, how to do embellishments such as bobbin work and crouching, hot-fix crystals and beading, as well as how to properly bind your quilt. So yes, it is online, but it is highly interactive and you’ll have access to me personally for the entire duration of the class where I provide personal feedback to your skill level and technique desires specifically. I do hope you’ll consider taking my class, and while the materials are not included in the class fee, I do have a TON of door prizes to share with all the students that of course will be shipped directly to you, free of charge. You will also have access to all of the content in it’s entirety for a few months even after the class has ended. I hope this answers your question, and I would really love for you to join my class.

  • janice Zavitz

    I have dreamed of making your quilt since I 1st saw it for one of my grown sons! Ive only been learning quilting about a yr now, would I be able to do this? I am okay at piecing but have never tried free motion quilting, only lines and following around my quilted blocks, stick in the ditch, etc…Another question, $299. is dear to me, please tell me it is Canadian funds? …if not, then it would cost me much more than that:( ty, Janice

    • Karlee Porter Post author

      Hi Janice! Great question. When I made this quilt, I had only been quilting for about 2 years, total. So I definitely think that you’d be fine. This is also a really great project to act as a skill builder. 🙂 I hope you’ll sign up! It is going to be quite fun!