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This is a High Resolution downloadable quilt design. You can either take it to your local print shop and have it printed to the exact size you want, print it as a grid from your home printer, or use a projector to trace it onto your fabric. There is a full set of instructions included for all 3 of these techniques, as well as rights to the design FOR PERSONAL USE included in the price. Please note that this is not a computerized quilting machine file. There are a total of 4 downloadable files, the line image shown here (without the watermark, of course). Filler designs used in the original quilt are omitted from this pattern to make it more achievable and approachable. I want to encourage you to be flexible, choose your own filler patterns and color schemes, to make your version of Shimmering Symphony your very own!
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Happy Quilting!

25 reviews for Shimmering Symphony Pattern PDF

  1. Ursula Mouton


  2. Peg Collins

    Dear Karlee,
    Can this pattern be edited digitally after I buy it?

    • Karlee Porter

      Only for personal use. The pattern includes a JPG image, as well as printable pages. 🙂

  3. Jessica

    I love this piece, I am defiantly buying this. Do you have a news letter you send out I would like to be getting them and see what next gorgeous items you are creating.

  4. Linda Arcand (verified owner)

    Hi Karlee
    Bought the shimmering symphony quilt pattern and did not receive the download
    This is my 2nd attempt to tell you
    Please advise

    • Karlee Porter

      Hi Linda,

      You can download the files either from your order confirmation email or from logging in to your account on the website.


  5. Shirley Jacobs (verified owner)

    Hi Karlee, I bought your pattern and made it into a (some what smaller, 18x 27”) quilt for my son, he loves it! I did not use the crystals though, only metallic threads for a bit of a shine. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. Shirley,

    • Karlee Porter

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Shirley! I am so happy you enjoyed the pattern!

  6. swallowrisemi4 (verified owner)

    Hey Karlee, I ordered and paid for this pattern and never received it can you tell me what happened? I really want this pattern please help me. I love the quilt and want to make it for my daughter. Thanks so much. Rita

    • Karlee Porter

      Hi Rita!

      Did you see the email I sent you?


  7. Jul

    Hi Karlee, What are the restrictions on this Quilt. for instance ?auction quilt for a symphony?

  8. Mary Burton

    Hi Karlee! I am absolutely in love with this. Stunning! Your FMQ is well done and all of it fits and fills the theme of your design perfectly. I’d love to make this for my son who is a sound designer for Sony in Tokyo….He also is a song writer and a musician and a graphic artist and a “seamstress” 🙂 What more could a mom ask for, huh. I’m thinking the size of swarovski crystals you have chosen are relative to the size of your quilt piece. Could you tell me about that please.

    • Karlee Porter

      Hi Mary!

      Thank you so much for the kind words! You should take the Master Class that I am going to teach on this quilt! It starts on March 24th, and in it I will give you all the information you need in order to make this stunning quilt!

      As for the crystals on the original quilt, I used genuine Swarovski hot-fix crystals in various sizes and colors. You’re right, picking out those crystals would depend on the size you are making the quilt as well as whether it would be functional or to hang on the wall.
      Let me know if you have any other questions! I hope I’ll see you in class!


  9. Carolee Carter (verified owner)

    What kind of beads did you use on the bottom and how did you attach them? I just purchased the pattern and have printed out the design. I’m ready to go!

  10. Gail

    What is the required fabric? Is fabric colored or does embroidery create all color. Thanks you

    • Karlee Porter

      Hi Gail! The quilting/embroidery that you do in the pattern is what creates all the color, so all you need to do is use a plain white/light colored fabric. 🙂

  11. bronwyn morris

    Karlee like all of us we love the shimmering symphony and I know you had the pattern available as a PDF downloadable, is it still available as I am interested in purchasing one. thanks

  12. Shana

    How do I buy this quil not the picture?

  13. Kelley Arasim

    My question might be in all the postings—but being a to-the-point-gal, can you answer from my post here, please. Downloadable, I get. Whole cloth, I get. All easy enough. But, is this hand quilted/quiltable? LOL. No longer have a Long Arm. Don’t like fighting a table top. Love(love!) hand quilting. Would jump on getting if it can be done that way.

    • Karlee

      Hi Kelley!

      Yes you can definitely hand quilt this pattern if that is your cup of tea! You would mark it out just like a whole cloth that would be machine quilted, and then hand-quilt it to your heart’s content! Depending on how large or small you decide to make the overall quilt, you may need to do smaller quilting stitches. But yes! I hope that answers your question. 🙂

  14. Phyllis Dewey

    Your quilt, and all of your work is amazing. I was just asked if I could do something like your Shimmering Symphony! I have a computerized longarm machine and was wondering if you have a pattern for the computerized longarm machines. I have the Side Saddle computer if that makes a difference. I could never duplicate all the work you put into this one! You are so talented. Thank you for sharing your talent and imagination with the quilting world.

    • Karlee

      Hi Phyllis! Thank you so much for all the kind words! As of right now, the design is just a downloadable and printable pattern, but a digital design is in the works. 🙂

  15. Liz

    Can I order a premade one?

    • Karlee

      Hi Liz, can you give me a better understanding of what you are looking for? There is just the original shimmering symphony quilt, and then the pattern. However, I have been asked many times to re-make the original quilt to sell, and have come up with some very affordable options that I hope you’ll consider- all of which are under $200. Check out this page:

  16. Mary Walker

    Thank you for sharing your amazing pattern 🙂

  17. Rose-Marie

    I just love this design. I have seen it everywhere on Pinterest and Facebook. I had no idea a pattern would be available. Your fleece, tapestry and duvet options are gorgeous also. Congratulations on your many awards. They are very well deserved..

  18. Beth Hudak

    I would love to see a quilt like this with a clarinet with the piano keys. Any possibility of something like this in the future?

    • Karlee

      Hi Beth, unfortunately, this is probably a pattern with will remain unchanged and one of a kind.

  19. Delilah

    absolutely gorgeous…. but what sizes is it?

    • Karlee

      The pattern is sizable, which allows you to make the quilt in whatever size you’d like. 🙂

  20. Kellie

    I would love one like this…. Can I purchase one already done? I’m not able to quilt… Or even a print to frame? I would appreciate…

  21. Kellie

    I would love one like this… Can I purchase one from you already done? Or a print to frame?

  22. Sabrina Howell

    I am wanting to order this quilt. Possibly in another thread color and without the crystals. Love the textures of quilts but I know something of this detail is not easily available. Is it possible to order something like this directly? Wanting it for our daughter that’s due to arrive at the end of February.

    • Karlee

      Hi Sabrina! I would recommend to you the Shimmering Symphony Fleece Blanket. I have it listed in 3 different color schemes (original, rainbow, and red) and the blanket is so so super soft and snuggly! Here is the link to what I have to offer. I think a throw blanket would be great for you 🙂
      Thank you!

  23. Elizabeth Smith

    Is this pattern or quilt in all separate blocks and joined or only by the pdf..I’m not familiar…..

    • Karlee

      Great question. 🙂 It is a wholecloth quilt. So I started with plain cream colored fabric and then drew all the lines from the pattern on to the fabric with an erasable marker. Then I quilted all of those lines to stabilize everything, and then I went through each different motif and filled it in. Hopefully that helps clear up confusion.

  24. Gilda

    I have the same thoughts as Celia Roberts. This is so beautiful! Loved it as soon as I saw it.

    • Karlee

      Thank you, Gilda. That is so sweet.

  25. Celia Roberts

    Is there any chance that there will be a framable print made of this? There’s no way I’m ever going to make this quilt, but I would love a print to hang.

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