Shimmering Symphony Master Class

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The Shimmering Symphony Master Class is an 8 week course based on Karlee’s award-winning quilt by the same name. You’ll learn everything you need to know to create your very own Shimmering Symphony quilt! Through this process you’ll also learn many new quilting designs and techniques that can be applied to your future quilts after you’ve finished this class. You’ll be able to make this quilt using the traditional method with the included paper pattern as well as a more modern method using the included custom printed fabric panels. The panel comes in 4 various colorways so there is surely something for everyone!

Nov: $325
Dec: $350
Jan: $375
Feb: $400

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Class Schedule:
Saturday, February 4th, 2023 @ 10 AM – 12:30 PM Mountain Standard Time
Saturday, February 18th, 2023 @ 10 AM – 12:30 PM Mountain Standard Time
Saturday, March 4th, 2023 @ 10 AM – 12:30 PM Mountain Standard Time
Saturday, March 18th, 2023 @ 10 AM – 12:30 PM Mountain Standard Time

Included in your Shimmering Symphony Master Class tuition you’ll receive:

  • Custom Printed Quilt top panel with all 4 variations from ($80 value)
  • Assorted 4×6 Postcards designed by Karlee ($10 Value)
  • Mini Snip Scissors ($12 Value)
  • Karlee’s book, Hand Lettered Quilting ($45 Value)
  • Zinger Lapel Scissor Holder ($5 Value)
  • Homemade caramel made by Karlee (Priceless! )
  • Access to the Private facebook group for the duration of class, as well as at least 3 months afterward ($400 Retail Value)
  • First priority social media correspondence from Karlee for the duration of the class
    TOTAL Retail Value: $552

Supply List:
You don’t need to have all your materials before the class begins. You can include purchasing supplies as part of your homework after each class if you aren’t sure on how you want your quilt to turn out. But here is approximately what you can expect in terms of the supplies you’ll need over the course of the class:

  • Any sewing or quilting machine that allows for free-motion quilting
  • About 2.5 yards of solid fabric
    (this should be enough for front and back)
  • 2 yards  (36″ x WOB) of Warm & Natural Batting
  • Your favorite thread from free-motion quilting (ideally 40wt)
  • Something to mark your fabric with
  • Something to baste your fabric
  • Beads and Hot-Fix Crystals (For embellishing. Not required but encouraged.)

I will post links to brand recommendations within the private Facebook Group.


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February 4th – March 18th, 2023

16 reviews for Shimmering Symphony Master Class

  1. Bernice Keller (verified owner)

    I loved this class, Karlee is a very relaxed and thorough teacher. She answers questions diligently on the live videos, and makes sure things are clear before moving on. She breaks concepts down into manageable pieces and makes you believe you can recreate her beautiful art! I highly recommend this class!

  2. goldust-afs (verified owner)

    I loved this class. I basically learned to free motion quilt under Karlee’s guidance. She is an awesome teacher, supportive and positive in her methods. I am looking forward to finishing my Shimmering Symphony quilt and know that I can count on her to offer guidance when needed. I would encourage everyone to take a class offered by Karlee.

  3. Debbie Kiarsis (verified owner)

    Awesome class I learned so much and it took me to a whole new level in free motion. Loved the class.

  4. Natalie Mussell (verified owner)

    This class stretched my learning and experience. I love learning and Karlee is always available to help answer questions. AND I have a lot of questions!! I’ve learned such great new techniques! Thank you Karlee for stretching my learning! I’m taking the graffiti class next! The teacher makes the class and Karlee is great!

  5. Rebecca Gabbard (verified owner)

    I saw this design 2 years ago and couldn’t figure it out. Have quilted for 16 years but not this type. I took the class which opened up a new world .Great instruction on free motion quilting.instructor taught to the level of the class, breaking it down as needed with alot of helpful hints along the way. Would definitely recommend the class if you are interested in learning something new or just wanting to learn.

  6. Dawn DeBroux (verified owner)

    This was a first for me in terms of FMQ and taking an online class. Wow! Was I impressed! Karlee is an amazing teacher in that she was so supportive with all questions and has a great teaching style. She helped this newbie learn something new!

  7. Charlene Jandow-pietruk (verified owner)

    I not only enjoyed this class but also completed the project. I enjoyed the 8 week class session as it gave me more time for life between the sessions and I had plenty of time to get the project completed. Karlee was very responsive to any questions I had. I would definitely recommend this class.

  8. Jean Condon

    This is an awesome class with a phenonmenal teacher. Karlee really cares about her students. I had a huge hic cup when my machine went belly up, but I am confident to continue on my own with the resources available. I bought a vintage machine and now that I’m comfortable with it, I’m ready to start back up. Karlee’s videos area great and she is very responsive to questions. Don’t be afraid, she’ll make you feel like you can do anything.

  9. Gene Looman

    I would give it 20 stars if that was an option! I have been free motion quilting for almost 30 years and I think it was an amazing class! It is well worth the money spent on it! I not only have been free motion quilting for 30 years but I am a fiber artist and a teacher as well. I think Karlee is a very skilled and caring teacher. Up until recently I always though online classes could never be as good as an in person class. That has totally changed. The way that Karlee teaches the class and all the support she gives is actually for me better than an in person. The biggest reason for that is I could do the class when I had the time and space to do it not at a precise time. I learned so many things in the class. I look forward to taking another online class from Karlee! The first time I saw this quilt I was intrigued for me. When I take any class I am always looking for what techniques I can add to my library. I look beyond the project that the class is. I love this project but the techniques I learn is more important to me than the actual project. For this class it was a win win for me great project and great techniques. I strongly encourage every one to take the class for the techniques and information that you will learn.

  10. Linda Semon

    I had never done free motion so was hesitate whether I was over my head taking this class. Let me just say I really learned a lot of different methods and Karlee is a great instructor. A lot of people say online classses you have no support. This is not true as members posted a problem or question and others along with Karlee responded. I would highly recommend taking this class.

  11. Debby Abernathy

    I saw this quilt numerous times and absolutely loved it. When Karlee offered this class, I signed up immediately. I had no idea what to expect, as I had never taken an on-line class before. Yet I really wanted to learn new quilting techniques, fillers, to enhance my quilts. The class was everything and more. Karlee explains everything in terms that even the beginner can understand. I’m so glad I took the class.

  12. Jerre Reese

    I loved the quilt long before I knew who created it so I jumped at the opportunity to take the class. It was a lot of fun and Karlee broke the process down to bite sized pieces and made it easy to complete the quilt. I really enjoyed the class and everyone who’s seen the quilt loves it!

  13. Kathy Fiffick

    I knew nothing about quilting let alone free form. This class was perfect for all levels. You can always email the group and get specific information from them and Karlee about any issues. People showed their work and their issues online and it was so helpful to others. The pace was great. Karlee leaves the videos up after class for your own pace. I can’t say enough about how great Karlee and the class was. Worth every penny.

  14. Roxann Paulsen

    This class is fabulous!! Karlee walks you through each step of creating this beautiful quilt AND she is a great support in answering everyone’s questions.
    The class is very interactive and if you can’t watch the live feed, you have access to the video after the lad class. Well worth the money!

  15. Connie Schofield

    I totally enjoyed this class and learned so many things. Karlee is a great teacher. She took us step by step each week and answered questions. She gave so many examples that were very helpful. I’m a visual learner, so this class was what I needed. With her week to week instructions, I now have my own Shimmering Symphony! I would definitely recommend this class.

  16. Dixie Parker

    Such a fun class, I learned so many new things and really felt encouraged. Loved every class and Karlee is so encouraging. Such a positive experience.

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