Have you ever had a dream where you were falling.
Who hasn’t right?
I think falling can be one of the worst things
or one of the best.
Falling out of bed.
Falling in love.
Falling off your bike.
Falling into a good opportunity.
I want to talk about the last one.
It seems like when we talk about falling,
it is an involuntary action.
If it wasn’t, we would saying we are
walking or running.
Falling is something we don’t anticipate
or necessarily prepare for.
It can feel like such a bad thing.
We don’t always know how long the fall lasts
or what will watch us at the bottom.
This month’s theme is all about falling into the right place.
Here is the quilt design for this month.
I really try hard to remember this.
Sometimes we need to fall out of one situation
so that we can fall in to another.
Be great to each other.