Change of pace.

This month has been flying by.
And the
on my quilt have been significant.
As I have been thinking more about the concept of change
and what it means,
something dawned on me.
Everything changes.
There is a quote from a movie that I love.
It is a musical.
And in one of the songs it says
“Seasons may change. Winter to Spring. But I will love you until the end of time.”
Bonus points if you can guess the movie.
I am thankful for the change of the seasons.
I could never really appreciate a beautiful sunny day at the dam until I am in the middle of a super lame snow blizzard here in the great state of Utah.
We have been receiving quite a bit of snow lately.
While I hate it now, I know that our earth needs it.
Through those harsh winter nights I benefit.
I will bask in the sun and surround myself with loved ones
as we frolic on the beach,
re-learn how to water ski,
and teach our baby nieces and nephews how to plug their nose with their puckered lips.
Through those snowfalls, this is possible.
And through the changing in circumstances
in time
and in attitude,
we too
can make things possible.
I am thankful for change.
Thankful that I do not have to be the same person as I am now.
Thankful that I can change my flaws
change my attitude
and change my habits
in order to seize the possibilities around me.
Change is something to be hoped for.
Something to be thankful for.
As I was saying before,
my quilt has changed quite a bit.
And, with it being the last day of February
(also my birthday)
I am happy to report that
….and on the tracks we stay.
Here is what I have done since then:

I chose to fill in all the outlining borders with little baby tiny pebbles.
Just how tiny you ask?
Let me illustrate with the American Quarter of a Dollar.
Row by row.
Pebble by pebble.


Color by color.


I tried to be really careful not to let the pebbles spill over into the black words.
I had different plans for those.
I chose to do bobbin work around the edge.
FYI Bobbin work is when you actually hand-wind a bobbin with a
beautiful-but-waaaay-too-thick-for-your-needle…. thread.
I used thick gold thread.
Thank you Ricky Tims for creating such a magnificent product.
This is from a line called “Razzle Dazzle”
And no, he didn’t pay me to say that.
He doesn’t even know who I am.
And his products don’t need endorsement. They sell themselves.


I also did bobbin work to outline the design on the butterfly wings.
On that back, I made sure to tie all my threads off, to guarantee that they would not come undone later.
I also did very very big stitches.
This way, on the front you would see mostly sparkles and just a little bit of yellow thread.


For the white bits of the wings, I used a thinner gold thread.
Just regular quilting style, not bobbin work.


But, I did go around each shape 3 times.
Here is a shot of the back. I like to match my bobbin thread with my top thread
especially when I do such tight quilting.
Again, the tension thing.
Also I just think it is fun to make the back look unique and different.


Last but not least
I bound the quilt and added some Swarovski crystals.
…I couldn’t resist.




And here it is.
In all its glory.
February was a great month.
But months just like seasons
must change.
May your March be just as good
or better
than your February.
Be great to each other.