Traveling Treasure Box

December 1st, 2022:

This web page is to represent and track the progress of the Northern Utah Modern Quilt Guild! Here are the general guidelines for stewardship over the traveling treasure box…

-The box is started with an assortment of fabric scraps. This can be anything used to make a quilt- fabric scraps, batting scraps, orphan quilt blocks, patterns, etc.

-When the box is in your possession, you are welcome to take anything from the box PROVIDED you replace those things with the same amount of fabric OR MORE. If there are any notes from the previous steward, please honor them.

-Use the scraps in the box to add to the existing quilt top. Once the top is ready to be quilted, return the entire box to Karlee, and she will provide a backing and batting and quilt the top.

-The quilt will then be raffled or auctioned and proceeds will be donated to the Northern Utah Modern Quilt Guild. These proceeds can be used to coordinate events, hire teachers for classes and lectures, add notions to a guild library, OR the proceeds can be donated to charity if the guild has a majority vote to do so.

-As you add to the quilt top, please email photos to or text them to 801.425.0869 and they will be added to this page.

-Return the box at the following guild meeting, and bring show and tell of what you made using the contents in the box, along with anything you might have added. For instance, you could use some of the fabric in the box to make yourself a quilted zipper pouch, and then perhaps pieced 5 new blocks to be added to the quilt top.