This Body of Christ

I am Jesus Christ and you are my body. No one part more special than another.

Each part is unique, and united in purpose so that you may show my love to another.

From my toes to my crown, from my shoulders to sides, each area has a good function.

Take a journey with me as we talk of each one and pause to reflect at each junction.

See my feet, all hardened with callous, they push forward when terrain is rough.

There is longevity, discipline, strength and protection for the mileage will be quite tough.

Will you be the callous, protecting the movement of strong and bottom-up action?

Walk towards the others, those not of my fold, and eliminate line between faction.

My toes are exposed, and ever so small in the grand scheme of my whole stature.

But without those small toes come imbalance and stumbles that can lead to misguidance and fractures.

Will you be my toes and provide needed input to keep this great work in alignment?

Will you tap with urgency and dip into the water and gauge for a better refinement?

I have two scraped knees, sore and bruised from sleepless nights spent in prayer.

From both gardens old, Eden and Gethsemane, God did hear us cry there.

Be like my knees, allow yourself to bend when you beg God for wisdom and grace, 

Then stand back up tall, extend to the heavens and boost others into that place.

See my rough skin, as it covers me whole. It is bruised and cut and whipped.

Each lashing and scorn beneath the clothes I have worn has only made it much more equipped.

Emulate this skin, grow ever thick, and discern between tact and intention.

Take criticism with a grain of salt and bounce back after harmful indention.

My hips are sore, yet they stay right in place, so I can lift those not of great status.

They offer a square to stay aligned with true principles in this image of God’s apparatus.

Remember my hips and think of the flex and the way that they ebb and flow.

Twist and turn and be flexible with new ideas, and lift and hoist others as you go.

I was given a spine to hold large heavy weights, and sometimes doubled-over in pain

But these large burdens are strapped to my back, and carrying them is not in vain.

Be a link in my strong spine, let it be how your backpack stays on up the hill.

For after all, God gave me a spine so that for you I could carry out their great will.

Now moving to something very little seen, but important no less… stomach bile.

It may not be pretty, or pleasing, or great, but as we spiritually feast it is vital.

As we live, we may see many things come and go, and all must be considered and digested.

It might leave a bad taste, but it is not in waste to ultimately be fed and then rested.

This moves me to guts, sounds crude, yes, I know, but think of what work happens there.

It is the crossroad for what stays and what goes, constantly under wear and tear.

Be like the guts, have courage when needed to purge or expel what’s not true.

Discern and absorb what will nourish the body, it’s honest and important work to do.

My kidneys, like my toes, are also small and mighty- they are a constant filtration system.

They cleanse from the inside the blood that pumps, and takes out the trash from within them.

Like kidneys, you can sort through and hold onto what’s true, and further the work of this body.

Then take what’s unneeded, and flush it away to avoid any internal rotting.

Neighbor to bowels my pancreas lives, and boy does it make life so sweet.

I can take what is bad and turn it to good, a miraculous God-given feat.

So go out abroad and take all things in, and balance the cosmic intaking.

Find value in opposition of all things, for the sweetest are the most breath-taking.

Speaking of breathe, lets all breathe in deep as we put some air in our lungs.

For I was a singer, in Hebrew “Ashirah”, so help me sing the songs of the unsung.

Speak up for those in the margins and minors where else they may never be heard.

Use your breath to protect all in love and in gesture, in efforts and in every word.

My heart beats for you, just one pump at a time, for that is all that it can do.

Small simple steps, in the chamber, then out, one second per heart beat or two.

Will you drum to my pulse, and regulate the flow of the goodness that travels so far?

One step, one moment, one day at a time find answers to prayers in your heart.

My blood has flown freely, you’ve heard, through each pore, as your sins I did atone.

I felt each drop fall from me, down, to the ground so you would never have to feel all alone.

Be a drop of my blood, yes just one drop, and carry those life-giving cells.

Travel each vein, left no stone unturned, and meet others wherever one dwells.

Come into my bosom, and feel solemn peace, I will never withhold an embrace.

When it feels all too hard, lean into my breast and take comfort and bury your face.

The breast can give life but first it must find all the nutrients of utmost import.

For then it can share, that sweet milk and rich honey, which could be someone’s last resort.

See now my hands, they are pierced and broken, yet they cradle the weary and ill.

When others hands close and clench too tight, my hand is stretched out still.

Be eager to serve, to lift and to hold, and to wash with the gentlest touch.

Go organize matter, you were created to create, and your potential is never too much.

Passing my hand is the crook of my arm, and what an overlooked part it can be.

But I’ll open them wide, as I hang on the cross so your salvation can be given free.

So when you open yours, like a free flying bird, and your soaring and your heart is racing,

Don’t forget those around you who need your wingspan for carrying, heaving and embracing.

On my shoulders I have carried the weight of an ever so hurting earth.

The spiritual scale with the world on my back has so much great value and worth.

Your shoulders too can carry a load that can be so awkward and bulky too.

But the soreness will last but a moment in time and I’ll return to take that load off of you.

Moving further still as you picture my stance… take a close look at my nose.

I was given one to know- the things that aren’t seen, sweet scents from the thing that grows.

Use your spiritual nose to recognize signs, and envision invisible things taken for granted.

Measure the value of things to consider, do they smell sweet or have they gone rancid?

Next see my mouth and hear the words that I speak, let them penetrate your soul.

I use my lips to speak words of kindness, of affection and love to make you whole.

Don’t betray with a kiss but please be outspoken, be willing to converse with the critics.

Use words to convey what needs to be said to inspire and motivate cynics.

My eyes have seen sorrow, pain and grief. I have given the blind back their sight.

We are given our eyes to notice the wrongs and to try to make things alright.

Don’t let your vision betray you, or see beyond the mark of the truths that are simple and plain.

Learn from your hindsight, and take off the blinders, and then relief unto others sustain.

My ears have one function, but one of great importance, they will never solicit or tout.

They do not speak or demand or call, but they’ll just listen and hear you out.

Sometimes no one needs all the solutions of life, but a bend of the ear for their word.

At the end of the day sometimes all we each need is to simply and intently be heard.

To each body part I say “You’re not special”, but please I beg make no error.

You are unique, you are loved, you are needed and strong, and for that you are all the rarer.

The word “Special” connotes a touting of status that values one over another in rank.

But through me, the savior, the living water, I saved you ALL through the bitter cup I drank.

We all work together, each part not the same, nor should it ever be thought

That one function of one should be the same one that’s done than what the other has got.

“Special” means nothing, but WHOLE is the goal, if you forget, then don’t forget to think twice…

Take heart, my love, for you are unique and needed to complete this Body of Christ.