Graffiti Quilting Master Class

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Graffiti Quilting is the act of taking many different motifs and combining them together into one unified quilt. In this class you will learn the ins and outs of each individual element, how and when to use them, how to pick fabrics and threads, and how to create a unified and completely unique, one-of-a-kind whole-cloth quilt. For this class you’ll simply need to have access to a sewing or quilting machine that allows you to free-motion quilt. You will also want to get acquainted with your machine, and how to manage tension and stitch settings. In class, we will talk about tension settings for various threads, as well as preparing your materials for the best possible outcome with free-motion Graffiti Quilting. This class is applicable to all skill levels of free-motion quilters.

Class Schedule:
Saturday, Mar. 28th, 2020 @ 2 P.M. Mountain Standard Time
Saturday, Apr. 11th, 2020 @ 2 P.M. Mountain Standard Time
Saturday, Apr. 25th, 2020 @ 2 P.M. Mountain Standard Time
Saturday, May. 9th, 2020 @ 2 P.M. Mountain Standard Time

In this 8-week online course you will get answers to the following questions:

  • What is Graffiti Quilting and when do I use it?
  • How do I even start Graffiti Quilting?
  • How do I know what materials to use?
  • How do I know what designs to use, where and when?
  • How can I “wow” all my friends with my quilting skills?

Over the course of 8 weeks, Karlee will teach you how to break down the process of Graffiti Quilting and make it much more approachable. You’ll learn the anatomy of more than 15 quilting motifs, and how to get them to “play together” nicely in one unified quilt. You’ll also learn how you can use the same motifs on their own, as versatile filler designs.

2/7 – 2/17: $250
2/17 – 2/29: $300
2/29 – 3/17: $350
3/17 – 3/28: $400

For more info, see the full description below and check out Karlee’s Online classes FAQ page for complete information on what to expect with her online classes.


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2/7 – 2/17: $250
2/17 – 2/29: $300
2/29 – 3/17: $350
3/17 – 3/28: $400

In this class you’ll receive:
-Graffiti Quilting Vol. 2 Book
-Graffiti Quilting Coloring Book
-Assortment of Karlee’s favorite drawing pens
-Zinger lapel scissor holder
-Homemade Caramels from Karlee’s kitchen.
-Access to Private Facebook Group for the duration of the class, as well as at least 3 months after the 8 weeks have ended.
-First priority social media correspondence from Karlee for the duration of the class

Class Schedule:
Saturday, Mar. 28th, 2020 @ 2 P.M. Mountain Standard Time
Saturday, Apr. 11th, 2020 @ 2 P.M. Mountain Standard Time
Saturday, Apr. 25th, 2020 @ 2 P.M. Mountain Standard Time
Saturday, May. 9th, 2020 @ 2 P.M. Mountain Standard Time

If you cannot make it to watch every live session, don’t worry! Still sign up for the class. You can watch and re-watch the live videos anytime you want after they have been conducted. You will also have access to the full Facebook group for at least an additional 3 months after the 8 week course has ended.

You don’t need to have all your materials before the class begins. You can include purchasing supplies as part of your homework after each class if you aren’t sure on how you want your quilt to turn out. However, you WILL need to have access to a quilting machine or a sewing machine that allows you to free-motion quilt, as well as an active Facebook account. Facebook is where all the live video classes will take place.

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March 28th – May 9th, 2020

16 reviews for Graffiti Quilting Master Class

  1. Megan Ellinger (verified owner)

    Fantastic class from a great teacher. I was worried I wouldn’t get a lot out of the class since I’m a fairly experienced quilter but I was so wrong! Even if you aren’t planning on replicating the dense art style of Karlee, this class is a real skill builder and the techniques flow over to all free motion quilting. Definitely sign up!

  2. pmsmith92 (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this class. Karlee is an excellent teacher and I found I really like taking her online class. To be able to review the classes live to ask questions is a great way to lean but having the class available for an extra 3 months after, is priceless. It also gives me freedom to fit the class in to my schedule. I just signed up for another of her classes “The Huntress” and very excited to see the panel we will be using. If you are wanting to take this, or any of her classes, just know that it really is a good class for newbies but also seasoned quilters, her style of teaching really speaks to all quilters. The class products we received were (and still are) very helpful. Just remember to breath and have fun!

  3. Melissa Lister (verified owner)

    I had so much fun with Karlee’s class! First, she sent an awesome kit of supplies that got me really excited about graffiti quilting. In each class session she introduced designs and skills and then demonstrated them. I appreciated having access to the sessions afterwards (especially when I had to miss a few minutes from the live sessions). Since the class has been over, I’ve used what I learned on several projects and continue to doodle some pretty cool designs to practice. Thanks Karlee!

  4. Tawny Oland (verified owner)

    Karlee explains her creative process in a very down to earth kind of way anyone can follow. I love promoting artists who are truly passionate about what they are doing and I would back Karlee 100%. Anytime you have a question she is on it with a response! Thanks for caring about all the little guys ❤️

  5. jan (verified owner)

    I loved this class and I love Graffiti Quiliting! Karlee is a great teacher and explains each step with great clarity, I love that Karlee is so willing to share her amazing technique. I am so looking forward to my next class with her!!

  6. Gina Stroman (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed Karlee’s classes – it was nice that you could watch them anytime, as I was out of town for one of the live sessions. I thought that the 1st class was kind of boring, because most of what she focused on I already knew and I wanted to get into the quilting of the designs, but I’m sure that isn’t the case for most people. so [probably just me. The book and the gifts she sent were really nice. I thought the class was a good value and I would take another class from her.

  7. Anna Hancock (verified owner)

    I love taking classes from karlee! She’s a great teacher and really helped me feel accomplished in graffiti quilting! I cannot wait to take another class from her and am trying to choose which to take next! She does such an excellent job sharing her knowledge that anyone can learn how to master graffiti quilting!

  8. Adrienne

    Thanks for a great class, Karlee. It was fun to try the designs out on paper first then move to the machine. The layout lesson put all the pieces together!!! My graffiti quilting looks better already.

  9. frances loyacano (verified owner)

    wow I found the review you talked about so I’ll say again how much I liked your lessons. I give you a wonderful thumbs up. I have tried things I never thought I’d do and love love love it can’t say enough about doing graffiti quilting. It has gave me courage to do more things on other quilts in a lot of different way. You go girl. love your ways of doing things so simple. Will now try a large whole cloth.

  10. Roxann Paulsen (verified owner)

    This is a “must take” class!!! Karlee takes you step by step and encourages you along the way! I’m ready for the next class! Thanks so much for sharing your extraordinary talent!

  11. Sue (verified owner)

    Amazing class! Step by step instructions with a helping ha d and positive reinforcement. Karlee you are amazing and thank you for Sharing your talents and more importantly your time !! Recommend highly!!

  12. Ashley DelaBarre (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I signed up for this class! Being able to watch the videos on my own time and on my own schedule has been great. I feel like I learned so many new techniques and designs that I can incorporate into my quilting style. Thanks Karlee!

  13. Mary Tobolski (verified owner)

    I took the Graffiti Quilting Master class and learned so much about all the motifs you can use not only on whole cloth but on traditional quilts. Karlee has Avery laid back non-threatening teaching style. There was never any pressure. LOVED the class and would highly recommend.

  14. Jerre Reese

    I loved the class——as well as Shimmering Symphony——— both classes are great. Karlee is VERY thorough and patient. If you’re debating taking the class, do it! You will learn a lot and gain a lot of confidence!

  15. Karen (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the class. Karlee is full of energy and she does a great job explaining her amazing technique.

  16. Beryl Whitlow (verified owner)

    I have been very intimidated by free motion class. Your step by step approach made free motion, graffiti quilting make sense and doable. There is a boat load of knowledge to be gained by taking the class. I have not actually laid out a graffiti quilt yet. This class gave me the confidence to finish my Symphony quilt!

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