Sacred Geometry E2E Collection – Set of 14

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This collection consists of 14 interchangeable edge to edge designs. It is inspired by the symbology of Sacred Geometry- which ascribes to symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions. It is associated with the belief of a divine creator of the universal geometer. Here is a brief meaning of each of the designs (the “Plain” edge to edge excluded):

Atomic: The atomic symbol very closely conveys the orbits of electrons and protons surrounding an atom. It displays a sense of protection and support to the space in the middle. This symbol represents how each being has a force field of ancestral protection- both male and female ancestors that are orbiting someone. Providing guidance, awareness, protection, and progression. This symbol is a reminder of the strong links and necessary bonding between parent and child.

Connection: Each point in the Connection symbol connects to another point. This symbol gives a high awareness to the value and seeking of connection with others. This symbol is a perfect mirror image in 3 dimensions- thus reminding one of compassion, sympathy, AND empathy.

Egg of Life: New life, rebirth, and fertility. It precedes the flower of life, and is a construction stage. It insinuates the division of cells in the embryonic development on the human cellular level. Growth and compartmentalization of thought. It is also found in the organizational framework of music- similar to the gaps between full time and semitones on the musical chromatic scale. Out of small things are mighty things manifested.

Energy: The energy symbol is one that displays the motion of two vital physical actions- breathing in and out, and heart pumping blood in and out of the chambers. When one inhales, they take energy in, and as one exhales energy is released. The energy symbol represents ebb and flow, rhythm, and dynamic movement. This symbol is first and foremost a recognition of the transfer of energy. For one cannot be mindful of energy transfer until first acknowledging that it is taking place. The energy symbol represents awareness of both self as well as other.

Flower of Life: This pattern found throughout history and all over the world, this design is a portion of the 19 life circles. The remaining circles are hidden outside the bounds of the outer circle. Those hidden circles represent uncommon knowledge that is sacred and must be searched for, or never seen but still believed in. The flower of life is a strong symbol for the balance between seeing and believing- balance between faith and certainty, the ability to live and move within a grey area with nuance as well as grace.

Germ of Life: This symbol represents duality in all things. A germ can either aid in creation or destruction. This symbol is an encouragement to wield great power and responsibility with righteousness and respect. It connotes precision of intention (where the curves intersect with exactness) and a rhythm and longevity in one’s discipline.

Inertia: The inertia symbol represents a rhythm and balance of life. It is a representation of “going around and coming around”, a cosmic karma so to speak. It reminds one that there is a time, place, and season for all, and that what is put out into the universe will indeed come back around again at some point in space and time. It promotes kindness, grounding, community, and desire for a common good. The empty center is a protection zone- a safe space for the weak, minor, or marginalized. It represents being a safe person.

Introspect: The Introspect symbol displays many facets boiled down to a simple triangle of 3 sides. This symbol is an encouragement of honing in and focus of thought, an ability to cast a wide net while still keeping clearly focused on a main idea, objective or task. It is the ability to see the simplicity while understanding the existence and rightful place of complexity. Introspect is a deeply personal symbol that is meant to highlight one’s focus on themselves and no one else.

Merkaba: This symbol translates to light, spirit, and body. It is 2 intersecting tetrahedrons that rotate in opposite directions which creates an energy field that is a light body. Used throughout history to represent ascents into the heavens and to the Throne of God- to see glimpses of Heaven and Divinity, so to speak. The Merkaba symbol can be inspired to seek optimism as we commune with diety. The Merkaba symbol through meditation can be seen as a vehicle for growth to higher dimensions, and provide powerful protection as one seeks and manifests and taps into their absolute highest potential. It is seen as a communion and partnership with God.

Seed of Life: The 7 circles represent the 7 days of creation- each circle is identical in size. 6 circles around the edge and the 7th middle circle represents the 7th day- rest. This symbol represents blessing and protection. All of life on earth is interconnected and sacred, a divine creation, a dividend of one of the 6 days of creation. The seed of life represents order and planning.

Star Equilibrium: The Star equilibrium highlights the process of when energy becomes matter. When the thought or spark of an idea becomes an action, and then a tangible creation. It shows fluidity between states, and an ability for that energy to move through one to another. It is an energy of give and take, sacrifice and savory. It reminds that all forces are equal or balanced in their true nature, and encourages one to seek and maintain alignment through moderation in all things.

Sun Equilibrium: The Sun Equilibrium represents a higher consciousness, further light and knowledge. It is the energy that sheds light on things that were once dark. It reminds that the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. It’s center creates secondary designs that would not otherwise exist without partnership, collaboration, and overlap in skills.

Vesica Pisces: Balance & Creation, Yin and Yang, Intersection of Venn diagrams, the Jesus fish, Union of God and Goddess, Union of Heaven and earth, the womb of the cosmic mother, consciousness, binding of positive and negative energy for equilibrium.

Each of the 14 designs are interchangeable so you can mix it and match it! Use one, two, a few, or all of them! Every design package includes the following filetypes: PDF, BQM, DXF, HQF, IQP, PAT, PLT, QCC, QLI, SSD, TXT, and WMF. Please also reference the secondary images to see how each design actually stitches out.

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