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This design was created with the intent to mimic what Karlee’s quilting looks like when she does Allover “Karlee Curls” on a functional quilt. The collection consists of 10 individual rows, that are each stitched out, one on top of the next. This design can be stitched out all in one color, or in 10 different colors. You can stitch each row of the design as large as your machine’s throat space will allow without advancing the fabric.

The design as a whole has a dimensional ratio of 7:8. This means that you can stitch out a functional quilt at 35″ wide by 45″ tall, or 70″ wide by 90″ tall, etc. Each individual row has a dimension of APPROXIMATELY 5:35. This means that if you want to quilt this on a quilt that is 35″ wide, you need to make sure that your machine can accommodate 5″ within it’s throat.

If you need to stretch the width of the design to accommodate the width of your quilt, you can do so. When stitching out this design, it would look best to make sure that the design’s width is about 2″ wider than the width of the actual quilt top, so that the design stitches off the edges just slightly. Also, you will want to make sure that the height of the WHOLE design is larger than the height of your actual quilt top.

This design is also created to stitch UPSIDE DOWN, just as Karlee does when she free-motion quilts Karlee Curls on functional quilts. She also LOADS THE QUILT TOP UPSIDE DOWN, meaning, that the quilting starts at the bottom, right corner of the quilt top (when the quilt top is oriented in the upright orientation. The design is meant to flow in an upward direction on a finished quilt. So, if the quilt was laid on a bed in it’s correct orientation, the quilting design should flow from the foot to the head of the bed.

Finally, Karlee recommends that when using this design for an allover design on a functional quilt, to use a blending thread color (monofilament is fantastic) so that the design adds texture, without adding color to the quilt top. You will find that this design has an organic aesthetic to it. Please remembers that even though this design is technically computerized, it is not perfect and exact in all places (just as Karlee’s quilting is not always exact and perfect in all places.) But, she can assure you that this design will be beautiful.

It is also recommended that upon purchasing this design, you quilt it out once using a practice piece of fabric, to fully understand how each row nests with the last, but also to make sure that you can successfully advance your quilt while keeping the design aligned, on your own specific machine. (Unfortunately, Karlee cannot write a tutorial on how to actually stitch out this design, because each brand of quilting machine software is so varying.) Perhaps you can purchase two cheap bed sheets and give this allover design a go. That way, if it isn’t perfect the first time around, you won’t be sad that you used a nice, pieced, quilt top.

This collection includes the following quilting filetypes: CQP, DXF, HQF, IQP, PAT, PLT, QLI, SSD, TXT, and WMF.

There is a jump between each color, to allow you to change thread colors, if you desire. Just make sure your machine is set to pause between jump stitches.

Recommended Quilting Instructions: Stitch each row at least 5″ tall or larger, and at a slow to medium speed.

Happy Quilting!


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