“Most Majestic Lion” Collection

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This design collection comes with 5 designs:
1- The “Majestic Lion” profile outline. This is a great pattern to use if you want to practice your free motion quilting by adding in texture after the initial design is stitched out. This is also a great design to use if you plan to stitch this on a functional piece, as it is much less dense than the rest of the design files in this collection.
2- The “Most Majestic Lion – Head Only”. This design file is just the head of the lion, with the texture of the mane filled in. This is the design to use if you plan to add your own background filler around the edges.
3- The “Most Majestic Lion – Pebbles”. This design is the head of the lion, as well as a background filler of pebbles.
4- The “Most Majestic Lion – Curls”. This design is the head of the lion, as well as a background filler of Karlee’s signature curls filler.
5- The “Most Majestic Lion – Wedges”. This design is the head of the lion, as well as a background filler of wedges, which offers a more modern and edgy look to the overall design.

This package includes the following quilting filetypes: CQP, DXF, HQF, IQP, PAT, PLT, QLI, SSD, TXT, and WMF.

This package also contains the following Embroidery formats in a 6×9.6 inch and a 8×12.8 inch design: DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, SEW, SHV, VIP, VP3, and XXX (The head only embroidery files are 4×6 and 6×9)

As seen in the images, you can quilt this using 2 different colors of thread. There is a small jump between each color, to allow you to change thread between each color, if you desire. Just make sure your machine is set to pause between jump stitches.

Recommended Quilting Instructions: Stitch smallest side at least 8″ or larger, and at a VERY slow speed, as well as a short stitch length (14 stitches per inch or more).
Embroidery Disclaimer: At this time, because embroidery machine systems differ so significantly, embroidery formats are only testing digitally, not actually stitched out. Purchase at your own risk.

Quilting formats ARE tested in actual fabric form and are guaranteed or your money back.

Happy Quilting!


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