Contour Cocoon

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Every design package includes the following filetypes: BQM, CQP, DXF, HQF, IQP, PAT, PLT, QLI, SSD, TXT, and WMF. Please also reference the second image to see how the design actually stitches out. Embroidery formats are available upon request.

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1 review for Contour Cocoon

  1. Rebecca Grace (verified owner)

    This design looks AMAZING stitched out!! The line drawing doesn’t do it justice. I just quilted this design on my client’s abstract modern quilt top in watery blue, green, and aqua solid fabrics. I loaded the quilt top sideways so the quilting design would be oriented vertically on her quilt, and it looks absolutely breathtaking, like a waterfall in motion. Like all of Karlee’s designs, it’s digitized really well from a technical standpoint: no backstitching, stitching lines that are intended to touch always do without me having to manipulate or massage the quilt during stitching, and the stitch path divides and subdivides in a way that distributes excess fullness/”personality” in a quilt evenly without creating pleats or tucks. I also really liked the way Karlee has aligned and offset the rows in the line drawing, with a slight S-curved gap between the rows, and I mimicked that look when I set up this design in my Bernina Q-Matic system. That S gap adds a lot to the design when it’s quilted, separating the cocoons slightly and giving the design an organic feel, but it also makes this design that much more forgiving when you advance the quilt and realign. I know I will be using this design again and again. THANK YOU, Karlee! 🙂

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