These are super fun collections that can be used across quilts as well as smaller sewing projects! Every single letter and character included is digitized to double stitch in a continuous line- providing a nice, crisp, bold line as well as extra stability when creating Slappliqué projects. Here are some things to consider when downloading any of the Alphabet Collections:

1. All letters and characters within a set are digitized to be a uniform size for that collection. (i.e. uppercase letters will be taller in height than lowercase, some lowercase letters are taller because of ascenders or descenders, etc.) So, it is important to not resize your letters for your project until the appropriate time. This will make more sense below.

2. Every letter and character is digitized to be double stitched. This means it will first stitch out the design’s edges, and then immediately within the same pass, go over that same line a second time. There is no jump stitch in between the first and second pass. This is done on purpose to provide extra stability and boldness within the stitches, especially should you choose to use these designs for Slappliqué.

3. Each collection comes in all the various quilting machine filetypes (PDF, BQM, DXF, HQF, IQP, PAT, PLT, QCC, QLI, SSD, TXT, and WMF.) The designs are easily accessible within each of the filetype folders. We recommend that you simply pull your specific machine’s preferred filetype folder and load the entire collection onto your machine all at once.

4. When creating a composition, here are the steps you ought to take for ease of use and assurance that you can keep the formatting and size of all the letters within your alphabet in tact and original:

-Open whichever letters you will need for your project.
-Arrange your letters into your desired composition, ignoring what your final sizing needs to be. Focus first on your letters and composition of where your letters are in relation to each other.
-Save your composition as it’s own file, independent of your singular letter files.
-*THEN* Size your new file, as a whole, to whatever your actual stitch out dimensions should be based on the quilt space you are working on.

Please also note that these are digitized designs, and not a “type-able” font. These files will not work with word-processing programs, such as domestic embroidery machines. Even though they are typography, they are not “fonts”, but design files, just like any other digital design file that you’ll find on my website.

As always, I am always here to help and just an email away. 🙂

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