Online Classes

So you wanna take one of Karlee’s online classes, eh?

Well, you’re smart. Karlee has been teaching quilting since 2014, and teaching online since 2016 with great response. Here are the great things about taking an online class with Karlee:

-All of Karlee’s classes are hosted in private, members-only Facebook groups. Almost everyone on the planet knows how to use Facebook, and this is also a great platform for the live videos to be viewed, as well as allows the classes to be collaborative. You can post your own progress, see the progress of other student’s work, make friends from around the world, and get almost immediate feedback from Karlee when you have questions between each class session.
-Each video session is presented live, allowing you to interact with Karlee and ask questions as she teaches each section of the course.
-Once each section of the course is taught, the video is automatically posted within the group, allowing you access at any time, and watch as many times as you need to internalize the material she teaches.
-When you take an online class from Karlee, you have full access to all of the material throughout the course, as well as access for at least an additional 9 months after the class has ended.
-Every online course that Karlee teaches is considered “Master Class” level, meaning you really get every single piece of instruction you need to succeed, as well as access to Karlee’s attention throughout the class for anything you need.
-Every online course includes a physical package in the mail with tons of fun goodies! (including Karlee’s famous homemade Caramel, which she doesn’t sell, but only makes for people that she loves!)
-Learn how to quilt from comfort of your own home! Pants optional! (Don’t worry, I’ll wear mine!) With Karlee’s online classes, there is no need to pack up your sewing gear and travel to location. So curl up with your favorite sweat pants and just enjoy the classes.

Here is what to expect when you sign up for Karlee’s online classes:

-After your order completion, you will be accepted into the private, members-only Facebook group. Simply click the link to the facebook group found in your order confirmation emails and hit “request to join”. Karlee will also typically follow-up with students who have paid for the class, but have not requested to join. Obviously this means that you MUST have a Facebook account to participate in the classes.
-Before the class starts, Karlee will ship you a welcome package filled with all sorts of goodies! You can see what that package will include on each classes’ product description page.
-While each class session is held live, don’t feel the pressure to cancel important personal plans that might conflict with the class dates. The point of the class is to be as flexible as possible, and Karlee moderates the questions and comments on the group page often, not just the days that classes take place.
-Karlee’s studio is located in Northern Utah, so all of the scheduled class times are MST. If you plan to watch the classes live, be sure to note the time change, if any.
-Each live video lasts anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. In addition, Karlee will also be posting and sharing pre-recorded content for your viewing pleasure.