Scripture Study

I really really find joy and peace when I study my scriptures. Ever since I got my iPad, making sure my scriptures were on there was very important to me. (After all, it is much lighter to carry around an iPad to church opposed to 5 lbs worth of books. Especially when I had to start bringing a diaper bag, too.)

I also really love studying my scriptures in a digital form because it allowed me to make and fix mistakes while I was writing down notes. In my printed scriptures, I seemed to hesitate to take notes because I was afraid of messing up the pages. With this digital form, that anxiety is completely gone thanks to the “Undo” button.

Another thing that I really love about digital scripture study is the fact that I was able to format my own scripture PDF’s to be exactly how I wanted them. You can buy printed scriptures with wide formats, but I could just never quite find a set that I loved. And again, I would be too afraid to draw in them for fear of messing up even if I did find the perfect set. So, I formatted my own. If you’d like to download these PDF’s, you can do so completely free by clicking here.

I wanted to show you just a few snippets of the pages in my digital scriptures and how I do my hand-lettering with those notes…

The app that I love to use for marking PDF’s is called GoodNotes 5. It is amazing.

Here is also a screen recording of some of my time spent actually doing the hand lettering in my scriptures. I thought you might enjoy seeing the process…

This is sped up to about 8x the normal speed that I actually draw.