Loading A Quilt

This is a process video showing you how I load fabric onto my quilting frame. I always start with the backing and drape it over the back poles. This helps to keep the fabric flat as I roll it. When I start pinning, I start in the center of the fabric and work my way towards the edges, left side first and then right side. Then I will advance almost all the backing fabric until I can easily just reach around the back of the frame to pin it to the back leader. Then, I will drape the quilt top over the back frames and pin it to my top leader. Once the quilt top is almost all the way advanced, I will lay my batting over the top of both of the front poles, until the top edge of the batting exceeds the quilt top’s edge by just a couple of inches. Then, I will according fold it and push it underneath the top front pole. This way, when I feed the batting through the poles, I don’t have to stretch it at all. Just tug it through and lay it flat.